Character Details - Mercy Urdrul

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Physical Description:
*Name: Mirceleb Alata
Meaning of Name: Silver Jewel Radiance
*Race: Elen
*Age: 1400+
Apparent Age (if different): Early twenties
*Height: 6’
*Build/Weight: Willowy
*Hair: Golden-Blonde
*Eyes: Sapphire-Blue
Complexion: Cream
*Identifying Marks (if present): None
Clothing: Brendari Dresses
Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
*Personality: Bouncy, emotional and open
*Occupation: Wife of the Brendari Chieftain
*Skills and Abilities: Elen Magic Translocation Weaves
*Weapons Used: None

Background Information:
*History: Mercy, as she prefers to be called, is a an Elen. Although noble by birth, by trade, she was a thief in her younger days and spent much of her time avoiding the Elen Rangers. An unexpected journey landed her far across Berelath one fine day... in the territory of the Brendari.
Mercy is the wife of Hunter Urdrul, Chieftain of the Brendari. She has, so far, borne him ten children. They currently have one on the way.
*Marital Status: Married to Hunter Urdrul
*Children: Lantry, Devan, Conor, Bryen, Lancel, Brandon, Mire, Brienne, Wilwarin, Silme, Stevros
*Blood or Soul Bonds: None

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