Character Details - Lucien Sorm

Written by Justin RainLast Edited : 23-Jan-2006 4:38:21 pm

Height: 6 foot even
Hair:  bald and shiny
Eyes:  gray

Age:  unknown

Distinguishing marks:  bald head

Jewlery:  Gold earrings, and typically gold necklace of some sort or other.

Brief Background.   Wealthy lord inherited his fathers vast estates and his fathers slaves. Usually travels with two twenty-something well put-together slaves. They will double as body-guards when needed. He thinks every one should bow to him and is on the whole quite hateable.

He can be quite sauve and loveable when he wants to get something from someone, and quite nasty when crossed.

He loves women, and thinks all women should love him. He has no inherant magic, but acquired on one of his off-world visits a magic orb.   This orb enables him to do magic...but typically the magic backfires on him.

He is the quintesential used car-salesman and rather a creep.    He has also learned how to blackmail, and hold those with magical ability captive.  This enables him to use their magic.

He is responsible for the raping of Sharee Rain, and Tres.   Amongst others that he really doesn't remember.   Life is a game for him, one that he's constantly trying to find something new and exciting, but deep down inside he's a calculating business man who will almost always come out on the better end of the bargain.  Unless of course he's bargaining with Callan Blackthorne, or Gden Rain. 

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Richard O'brien