Character Details - Sharee Rain

Written by Justin RainLast Edited : 23-Jan-2006 4:55:56 pm

Height: 5' 2
Hair:  Strawberry blonde at this time
Eyes: blue

Age:  300

Distinguishing marks:  Bondmark on her wrist of rose and mountain.  Symbalizing her bond to Lancel Urdrul

Jewlery:   A sapphire pendant which she bought while on a random portal.  That she can't remove.   She is still discovering its powers.

Children:  Sharee has one son Lancel.  He is around 2.5-3 years old.  He sports the bare chest of his father, and the wings of his mother.  

She spent some time travelling off-world without family close by. During this time she was hardened a bit more then her other siblings. She is basically good, just a lot more spunky.

Secretly with her fathers blessing she has trained with the Guardians the fighting force the Garden keeps. She has however never actually put any of that training into practice. But has strong empathic and healing ability. She also has a temper that she struggles hard to keep under control. She has the same magical abilities her brother and sister do.

She likes to play hard, drink hard, and love hard if the occasion arises.

Sharee now lives in Brendar with her bondmate, and son.  She gets restless, and will portal out either to Garden, Catheska, or some other unknown destination, but always returns to her anchor.  Lancel. 

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Elisa Donovan