Character Details - Barbara Rain

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 Height: Ten foot tall
Hair:  Dark brown leaning towards black.
Eyes:  brown

Age:  She believes around 450 although is unsure

Distinguishing marks:  Her most distinguishing mark is her height.  It’s rather hard to miss.

Jewelry:   After ten years Barbara's fingers are empty.  The long time of wearing the promise ring of Ymir's makes her finger feel maked.  But it was a necessary removal, as things just didn't work out. 

Smell;  Barbara smells like the ancient roses that her adopted family smells of, and a faint smell of ocean water reminiscent of her sea-faring giant family.  A hint she hasn't recognized as being a clue to her family's origin. 

Soul color: 

Barbara Rain adopted sister to Catherine. She was rescued by the pixies as an infant and raised by them. Imagine their surprise when she quickly outgrew them until she stood at 10 feet tall. She acts like a pixie, childlike and friendly. But can be quite intimidating on first meeting. She has a middle-eastern look with short hair.

She can do no magic, but has healing abilities that she learned from the pixies. She loves children, and is currently looking for someone her own size to interact with. She is learning that she may have the ability to make illusions.

She has no memory of her birth family, and the pixies also have no idea where she came from. She would love some insight into her past.

She believes now in conversation with Ymir that she is probably a Giant Maiden. Who was sent to the pixie world for safekeeping. When an evil sorcerer attacked the Maidens.

After a long courtship Barbara is now married to Ymir, and proudly wears his wedding ring.   The marriage lasted such a short time.  It was quickly determined that just  because they were giants, didn't mean they saw things eye to eye.  Barbara is not recovered yet from this discovery. 

She considers her close friends Kilpatrick the dwarf, and Aspen, Willows spunky sister.    She is not afraid to speak her mind, and yet stays intensely loyal to all she calls friend.   

Barbara is on a continuing quest to find her birth family.   She seeks, but has found nothing, except a remembering of blue sky. 

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Catherine Bell