Character Details - Gden Rain

Written by Justin RainLast Edited : 24-Feb-2006 7:21:48 pm

Height: 6'1
Hair: closely cropped brown hair
Eyes: blue

Age: Lost count after 3,000

Distinguishing marks: A bondmark of a rose and dagger above his heart. Signifying his bond to his wife Calli.   Golden scales on his wrists indicating his dragon heritage.  

Jewlery: Has none at this time, but is typically seen wearing a broad rimmed hat to keep the sun off as he gardens. And always has seeds somewhere in his pockets. Along with pruners, and several other gardening tools.

Children;  Seven children.  Kerrigan, Daniel, Justin, Catherine, Barbara, Sharee, Stormy.   The first three were born in Ireland, the last four in Garden, although Barbara is adopted, and does not know she came from Garden yet, nor does anyone. 

Soul;  Strands of green for growth, and gold for the dragon he is. 

Brief History;   An elf who chose to live with the pixies on the pixie world. Due to the great love he had for his wife who was full  pixie herself.

He has the ability to blend in with his surroundings as long as they are of some form of nature. He has the ability to grow things with super-natural speed or change their color. And he has the ability to talk with his family via telepathy.  He finds himself at a disadvantage as a result when around family.

So he makes up for this in cunning, strength and wisdom.

Father to Barbara, Catherine, and five other children. He has never been completely content on the Garden World, but lives there as it is where his family is safest. He likes to dream of places where its warm and theirs a ocean to swim on.

He has one scar on his leg from a particularly viscious thorn plant that he tangled with. And is seen as the actual ruler of the Garden world, as the Gardner is rarely seen. Thus as a term of respect the people refer to him as G'den. A shortened version of the Gardner

He is a good fighter when necessary. And carrys several thorns made of iron wood used as others would use a dagger in strategic locations around his body for protection.

G'den has now stepped down from leadership in Garden and "retired".   At the encouragement of his grandson Galen he embraced his magic, and his dragon heritage which he had kept a dark secret.   For a thousand years he believed he was the last pure member, but now he knows his niece is still out there incognito, but has no clue as to where.   He hopes to find her, and this is one of the reasons he retired.  

   Typically lurking in g'dens pocket is a small chipmonk named Chitters.  He was rescued from the nefarious frying pan of Ghetsuhm and Galain.  As a result he's not very fond of blonde Alcarin elves.  He likes peanuts, and will appear at the writers whim. 

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