Character Details - Catherine Rain Alcarin

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 Basic Characteristics
Height: 5'4"
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Icy Blue
Age: 500 give or take
Distinguishing marks:  A bondmark of dragon and rose entwined on her heart.  Signifying her bond to Glory.    Golden scales for a inch and a half up her wrist signifying her dragon self. 

Jewelry:  A pink diamond engagement ring, and a Celtic knot wedding band.

Children: Galen (adopted son), Rilya, Culevin, Nendil

Smell;  Catherine like all pixies smells like old fashioned roses. 

Soul Color:  Pixie's souls are naturally irridescent rather the color you would see when looking into a abalone shell.  Cat however is half pixie and half garden dragon, so mingled with the irridescent are stronger hues of green and gold.   This is the same for all of Gden and Callie's offspring. 

 I am Catherine. I am a pixie. I either stand about 3 foot tall or look like a four-year-old girl with curly blonde hair and blue eyes, or 5 foot one looking to be in my mid twenties. I have rainbow colored wings that are usually showing when outside, and typically not when inside.   

I was born and raised in the Garden world the place of ultimate peace. The focus is fun, games, gardening, and exploration. It is a place of oceans and gardens.

I am the oldest of the children born on Garden.  I have three older siblings who were born on Terra.   They are Kerrigan, Daniel, and Justin. 

I am a bit of a packrat and am always collecting treasures, which I share the stories of when I return to Garden world. Not the treasures you would think of however things like rocks, flowers, and egg shells

I was the first pixie to leave my home world with the Garden's blessing after we moved there.   We lived in solitude for over a thousand years.  It was at my recommendation that the world became more open to outsiders.   We are struggling now as a planet to continue this, while guarding the planet as a whole. 

On my ring finger I wear a pink diamond engagement ring, and a Celtic knot gold wedding band.   Cat and Glory spend most of there first married years in Whispin.  They now however divy up time between Berelath, Garden and Whispin, also spending much time at the Dragon Inn on Merlin.    Catherines right wing was injured at the tournament at Diirlathe, and now her wings are always visible due to it being painful to retract them.    

During Scorched and the illness there Catherine was still recovering from her delivery of the twins when the illness struck her.  This has caused her to be infertile.  She has not however learned this as she is quite happy with her four munchkins for now. 

In the most current timeline I am married to Glory Alcarin and we have 4 children.  Galen my adopted son, Rilya, Culevin, and Nendil male twins. 

But be careful in some time lines I appear as a five year old with blonde hair blue eyes, and very mischievous.

My magic consists of being able to heal although this is a drain to myself.   Conjure up small things.  Grow, and strong empathy.    I share a familial bond with Barbara, (sister) Gden, (father) Justin, brother Sharee, sister and Callie (my mother).    I have two siblings who have lived elsewhere, and basically know nothing of them.   They are Kerrigan (brother) And Daniel (brother).     

Catherine is golden dragon as well.  She didn't learn this until she became a mother, which is when her fathers race of dragons matured.    Unfortunately as well her father never bothered telling her that part of her race, so it was a giant shock for her.        She has however adjusted well to this, and enjoys the extra strength it gives her.  Although has found it is harder for her to remain calm and establish her peace due to the natural warrior mentality of a dragon.   She will also find certain peoples angry thoughts intrude on her mind which can overwhelm her.  At these times she typically reaches out for her husbands mind and holds on until things are settled back down.                                            

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