Character Details - Torin Myaera

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Physical Description:
Birth Name: Torin Myaera
Meaning: Watch Tower
Race: Vanwacal Brance: Cal
Age: --
Apparent Age: Late teens – Early twenties
Height: 6 foot
Build/Weight: Lightly muscular
Light brown
Eyes: Slate grey
Complexion: Tanned
Marital Status: Courting Lairë Celeblasse
Children: None
Blood or Soul Bonds: None
Occupation: Guard
Skills and Abilities: Sword, bow, scouting

Appearance: Torin prefers light clothing in natural shades this normally consists of black pants, black boots and an olive coloured shirt. The only time he will wear his uniform, or even wear it properly, is at formal occasions.


  • Necklace given to him by Laire

Personal Information:
Personality: Torin has always been a fun loving elf and used to not following rules. The time spent as a prisoner to Auriana has added a serious streak.

Brief History: Torin grew up as a street kid in the Port of Kauai doing as he pleased. A chance meeting when Laire had visited the city with her great aunt tossed the two together and they have been together since. At one time Torin was believed to have been killed but instead was kidnapped by Auriana, his escape is something that he still will not talk about, nor will he talk about his time as Auriana’s prisoner.

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