Character Details - Tatiana Romanov

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Full Name: Tatiana Nicholaevna Romanov
House: DuLac
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5’7”
Age of Death: 21

Born in the late 1800’s to Tsar Nicholas Romanov and his wife Alexandra she was the second child of five and most like her mother. Many believe that the black and white pictures of her youth do not do her justice to her true beauty.

Elegant with an exotic beauty, Tatiana gives off the heir that, when you talk to her, you are in the presence of the daughter of the last Tsar. She is charming, graceful and yet reserved as well as being a ‘mother hen’, constantly looking out for others. Despite her regal bearing, Tatiana senses people’s unease and will make a point of putting people at ease in her presence. Her voice is elegant and aristocratic. She is tactful and has a gentle persuasiveness that she learned while dealing with her mother.

While she enjoys the clothing of her mortal life, she also loves the current fashions. She is well studied in languages, painting and playing the piano, but finds little passion or inspiration in any of it, though her technical mastery of the piano is obvious.

When her family was put into captivity, it was unusually hard for her and she became even more thin and withdrawn. She turned to religion to help her survive, becoming an inspiration to her family. The night of her execution was also the night of her Embracement, her sire being one of the soldiers charged with burying her family.

Tatiana is cheerful doesn’t complain and is always smiling. She is naturally affectionate but without being overly so.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Virginie Ledoyen
Tatiana Romanov