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Full Name: Taimië Naurel Celeblasse
Translation: Sky Firestar Silverleaf
Preferred Name: Taimië (or Taim)� Silverleaf
Age: 2500 + (See timeline for actual age)
Height: 5' 11"
Hair: Mid back wavy black
Eyes: Dark green
Parents: Air Silverleaf and Ravin Llewellyn
Marital Stats: Lover of Tarsh Mearta
Children: Naur and Ruin Barrimtor(Deceased)

Personality: Taim, as she prefers to be called, tends to be a little bit opposite of tame. She's a little bit of an odd duck, she refuses to do anything that goes along with traditions and ends up being the odd one out at most of the family functions, mostly because she wants to be the "rebel". She’s blunt and to the point and says some of the strangest things. She typically does not hesitate on lashing out at someone if they have ticked her off.

Appearance: Taim's hair falls to the middle of her back, just short of the bottom of the black rough leather tank top, that stops about a couple inches above her belly button, she prefers to wear. There is one lock of hair that has a silver tip to it that is found just behind her ear. She wears tight black leather pants that flare out a bit towards the bottom and black boots and a black leather choker that has a small silver charm in the shape of a flame in the middle of a cloud that hangs from it.

Markings: There is a blood red rune at the base of her spine and what looks like a phoenix entangled in a black vine wraps around her upper left arm.

Abilities: Like most of the Silverleafs, she doesn’t have to draw upon anything to work her “magic”. If she wishes to use her powers, it leaps up and is instantly there for her to use. “magic” is something that is a part of her DNA do to the number of the Sildanai that have married into her family.

Taim's abilities focuses on that of fire of any type, resulting in her being immuned to the effects there of. She has a minor ability of taking the emotions that often 'burn' in someone's blood, such as lust, hate and rage, and force them into a physical form as flame. With this ability comes that of shifting forms, in Taimië's case it is that of a Phoenix, the first in her family to have a mythological creature as a totem form.

Race and Family Abilities: Taim is connected with her twin both physically, mentally, emotionally and by soul. They are bonded in a way so that they can see through each other’s eyes, hear what the other hears, feel what the other feels and so on. It’s a bond that can’t be blocked (even by death), she has just learned to ignore it. They have been known to have mental fights that have left visiable marks on both.

Arlsynian Elves have a natural cooling and heating “system”. Their bodies adjust to the temperature around them. When in a hot setting, their body temperature will rise so that the air around them will feel cool, when in a cold setting; their body temperature will drop below the air around them so that it will warm. In summary, when a non Arlsyn elf (or someone that is not directly connected to an Arlsynian elf) touches them, their skin will feel freezing or “like ice” in a cold climate, while their skin will feel burning up, or “on fire” in a hot climate when the adjusting first takes place. Their skin then feels either cool or warm to the touch.

Taim’s blood is almost black in colour when beaded, with a silver sheen. The silver sheen is do the excessive amount of Sildanai blood that runs through their veins. If extreme amounts of blood is lost something akin to steam will rise from the blood, sapping the silver from

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