Character Details - Shadow Baenlyl - Retired

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Caliginous Shadownote: This Character is currently retired

Full Name: Shadow Baenlyl
Translation: Shadow Blessed by the Blade
Race: Taurësúlë
Height: Six foot
Hair: Black and Silver
Eyes: Forest Green
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Thief & Assassin

Appearance: With a deceptively innocent face that is perfect in her preferred line of work, Shadow has caught the eye of males from different races, though few have ever caught her eye. She stands at six foot even, with a willowy build and copper skin that, with her dark forest green almond shaped eyes that miss nothing, gives her an exotic look. Her knee length black and silver hair is most often back in a pony tail. On the right side there's a small braid that hangs down across her shoulder. There are a few silver charms in it in the shape of a leaf, feather and two daggers.

She can usually be found in jeans that have seen better days (ie the knees are worn out and so on), a sleeveless black t-shirt and a leather jacket that hides the tools she needs when out and about which is basically a lock picking kit and a dagger that she kept after her mother died. Sometimes she can be found carrying a beaten up black patch-work leather back pack, but that depends on the job or if she's drifting through.

Weapons and abilities: Weapons consist of daggers, some in plain sight and others not so plain. When it comes to tracking her it is extremely difficult. Her main ability is her shadow shifting, and her way of tracking others is via the same ability. It is impossible for someone to 'get inside her head', she is a well acomplished mage and doesn't hold back on using magic, she just refrains from it as it can be a way for someone to track her.

Anyone that tries to 'get inside her head' will feel an electrical shock, the more they pry, the worse it becomes....and the better chance she'll be able to track them.

History: Shadow was born on the plane of Arlsyn during a turbulent time, her father was killed on the day that she and her twin brother were born. Soon after her mother married another man that was a non-elf and prince. He helped raised the twins during the wars that tore their world apart. For the safety of the children they were sent to stay with their step-grandparents, but it only put them into further danger. She was six when her step-grandfather took her innocence away, it continued until she was thirteen when she was finally able to do something about it. She told her step-father, which only added to the wars.

The following year, the forest of her home was raised, most of her people were killed and those that weren’t were taken for slaves. Her family, on the other hand, were killed execution style before her eyes before being mortally wounded as well. As luck would have it though, one of the random gates that her world was known for opened close to where she was left for dead, the forest elf used what strength she had left to roll into it.

Days later she was found by a drow patrol on the continent of Barathrum. Fevered and at death’s door she was taken back to the Matron of the house who decided to heal her for her own interest. The Matron wasn’t displeased at what her ‘pet’ became. Already a master thief with a dark streak that was mixed with a natural instinct to kill, she soon rose in the ranks of the house, her ‘talents’ becoming honed to where they were second nature. When the original Matron of the house died mysteriously during a lesson with her eldest daughter, Shadow left the underground city. She dwelt in the upper city for a time before moving to the next continent.

Shadow found shelter with the Were-wolves during the 100 years that the world was inhospitable. As a result, she feels that her loyalties lie with them. Shadow chose to leave behind her real last name, and chose one that reflects how she arrived on Caliginous. (The blade she had been stabbed with was poisoned) She has spent years building an immunity to the many poisons that she uses in her trade.

As for jobs, Shadow is a handy little thief, though she’s upgraded from picking pockets to hot wiring cars, hacking into computers and other various jobs. It doesn't stop her from keeping her skills up in the pocket picking department specially when her funds are running low. She will hire herself out as an assassin to whoever wishes to use her skill. Shadow has a deep seated hatred for anything not of pure blood, her feelings tend to enter a grey area when it comes to half-breeds turned vampires, then it just depends on her attitude at the time, the only thing she hates worse are humans. Shadow has a slight recollection of how old she is but doesn’t really care, finding it completely irrelevant.

(As an added tid bit, this Shadow originates from the same Arlsyn that Meylor came from. As a result of being born there, she is far older than the 'regular' Shadow.)

Please, if you have questions about this version of Shadow, ASK do NOT assume.

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