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Physical Description:
Preferred Name: Selene Moonbow
Birth Name: Selene Moonbow
Meaning of Name: Goddess of the Moonbow
Race: Sildanai
Age: Ageless
Apparent Age (if different): Mid to late thirties
Height: 5' 9”
Build/Weight: Slender and athletic but can change on a whim
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Silver
Complexion: Alabaster to lightly tanned
Clothing: Her attire can vary from a skirt that is split to the thigh and a midriff baring top that is made out of iridescent, ethereal, silk chiffon, a simple black dress, or, her preferred attire when amongst her Children, tight buckskin pants and a simple white linen shirt.
Personal Items usually carried: Necklace with a blue stone
Identifying Marks (if present): Various scars

Personal Information:
Personality: Secretive, motherly
Occupation: Moon Goddess
Skills and Abilities: Visions, dreams and magic
Weapons Used: Bow and Sword

Background Information:
Blood or Soul Bonds: None
Marital Status: Married: Swift Silverleaf
Children: Fanya, Storm, Thorn and Hesper
Brief History: Lady of Secrets, Goddess of Visions, Mysteries, Magic, Dreams and finally the moon, Lady of the Sildanai, First Daughter of Avram, Selene is all of this and more. Selene is the voice of Avram, is the oldest of the Sildanai and answers only to him. She is the Keeper of the Athestira, the Pool of Visions. Along with her chosen brother, Silvanus Ravan, she looks after the Taurësúlë and takes an active role in her descendant’s lives, often intervening on their behave. She is the patron god of the Silverleaf Clan. Her symbol is an archer’s bow in the centre of a full moon.
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