Character Details - Rowena Slaynor

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Rowena Slaynor

Race: Shroudling/Selkie/Elf

Age: Unknown

Height: 6'

Hair: White

Eyes: Black

Siblings: Roan SlaynorÂ

Appearance: Rowena stands at about six foot even, her white hair is kept cropt short, but she had been known to wear it long and dye any a number of colours, most commonly black. Her ears come to a definite point.

Rowena can mostly be found wearing black, and her weapon of choice is a rapier.

Slight History: Rowena has been around the sea all of her life. Her father being a cross between selkie and shroudling. Her mother was elven and a little, off…and his father’s attention was on taking care of her so Rowena and her older brother Roan were sent to be raised by their uncle on their father’s side. Her uncle being a warrior priest, taught she and her older brother how to fight. +

Rowena Sig

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