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Name: Relainia Silsulë Aerta
Prounced: Ree-Lane-E-Ah
Meaning: White rose to shine with a white heart
Race: Taurësúlë/Anaisi
Height: 6
Eyes: Sage Green
Hair: Shades of brown with blonde highlights
Age: 991 (As of The Orb of Mysteries)
Apparent age: Early to mid twenties
Marital Status: Single - Interested in Remmy Al’Teron

Appearance: Rel, as she is most typically called, stands at six foot even with an athletic, silm build that is a given with the women of her family. While not being as dark as most of her siblings, Relainia's skin has darkened to a nice tan. Her once white eyes have darkened to a soft sage green while her hair has darkened so there are varying shades of brown and blonde.

Relainia doesn't mind dresses or pants, and can be found wearing either at anytime of day, she has a habit of wearing both during the winter. She likes pastels, but she can be found wearing darker clothes, mostly earth tones. Her typical dress is dark brown leather pants that lace from the hip up, a white spaghetti strap tank top under a swordsman shirt made of a gauzy tan material.

Abilities, Heritage and Personality: From her Anaisi (angel) heritage she has small shape-shifting abilities. This includes her ability to change the colour of her eyes. She has super-human strength, stronger than elven. Her senses are a bit sharper than ‘normal’ elven. She can sprout wings at will, and over time it has become easier and easier for her to do so with little taxation. Sometimes her wings come of their own accord when she is startled. They are extremely sensitive with a twelve foot wingspan.

Like her father, Relainia requires sugar in order to heal, as a result she usually keeps butterscotch candy with her, it being her favourite. Rel is only able to die if her heart is removed from her body.

From her Elven heritage she is one of the Enlightened Forest Children. The mix of angelic blood has enhanced her abilities. Her main element is air, and her second is light. Though she has an uncanny ability with music, and her voice is much like that of a siren, though only used for good. She is able to shift into animals; the mist that surrounds her at the time she does this is the deep green colour of the forest and white giving it a pearlized look. Currently she shifts into two animals, a dove, and a white wolf with silver socks. Her thread is a pearlized forest green and she is marked by a shifting silver rune on her left hip.

Like her mother's people, she has a type of immunity to natural temperatures. Her body will adjust so that her body is constantly the same. However, any unnatural temperature, i.e. magical means, affects her the same as it would any other.

She has her father's patience and the gentleness of his kind, and her mother's curious, that caused problems when she was younger. She also has her mother's sense of independence, and love for nature. She gets her strong will from both. She is a perfect split between her parents, taking the best characteristics of both of them and putting them together to create a strong young woman that any parent would be proud of.

She does not condone the abuse of others and has been known to defend a total stranger.

Brief History: She was raised by her mother, her father being away because of the wars he fought. Her mother tried to teach her Elven, and her Elven heritage while her father tried to teach her about herself. She is a Schi, and she and her brothers are quite different from any other...she is half Eternal. In her, there is a spirit that will go on forever... She is also a creature that will be hunted for her power... But, her safe haven will always be with her family.

She grew up with a very happy childhood, one of laughter and love. Never really deprived of anything from her parents, but not spoiled either. Her mother made sure that Relainia was treated like any other of the village children, so she could have as much of a normal life as possible.

Other Facts: Rel is a trained warrior, and carries a slender sword across her back, and a slender dagger strapped to her thigh. She tends to be more of the light than she is of the shady side of things. She also loves to pick on her brothers.

Around her neck can be found a gold locket, in the center is a small emerald, inside is a picture of her mother on one side, her father on the other. It was a gift from her father to her mother when they first met, after her parents divorce, her mother gave it to her. The only other adornment she wears is a signet ring that takes shape in a band of silver engraved with a vine of leaves that she wears on the middle finger of her right hand.

Relainia loves music, any music played/sang for her once, she can play/sing it back.

Relainia has the ability to absorb light and bend it so that she appear to disappear.

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