Character Details - Natasha Lhunwen

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Natasha Lhunwen

Name: Natasha Lhunwen
Race: Taurësúlë Dolen'er/ Emerald Dragon 
Hair: Blue/black/brown
Eyes: Bluish black
Height: 6’
Age: Unknown

Apperance: Natasha stands at roughly six foot, with long wild blue/black/brown hair that usually has oak leaves woven into it. Her eyes are a blue/black that tend to glow with an inner light. Her skin is copperish in colour, with dark purple tattoos/markings around her eyes in the shape of Dragons. She has a small diamond stud on the right side of her nose and wears a head piece that falls across her forehead that is made up of silver chains, from the center hangs a silver crescent moon. On either side of her head, there are also crescent moons hanging from the head piece. Her ears are pierced and from each ear a small Dragons claw hangs. A silver choker completes the only jewellery that she wears.

As is the case with most Dolen'er, she wears few articles of clothing, her own is typically black leather. The only times she wears more clothing is when she leaves her forest home, in this case her pants are typically hip huggers, tight, and look to be woven leather strips, but her shirt remains the same. A tight corset like tank top with a low cut neck line, the front is split revealing her stomach save for around her breasts where there looks to be a swatch about 5/6 inches in length that is laced up.

Natasha is deadly with the bow and prefers a composite shortbow. She usually keeps a kukri(a heavy curved dagger with its sharp edge on the inside of the curve) strapped to her thigh and an archer's sword that has a sheath attached to her quiver, other than that her chosen weapons are daggers, her prize one being her Katar.

History and Personality: Natasha is one of the Taurësúlë Dolen'er, which are the more mysterious forest elves of Arlsyn. As a general rule, she steers clear of humans, but also of any other race. At one time she was a Draeder or Dragon rider and was bonded to a green Dragon by the name of Chet. In a battle for the freedom of Arlsyn (one of the last battles before Dragon and Draeder merged) Chet was killed. The snapping of their bond sent Natasha into a battle frenzy, killing anything and everything near her that she didn’t recognize. A special branch of the Draeder who were Soul Singers were called to calm her.

The forest elf spent many months within the Dragon stronghold as the Draeder tried to repair her soul and mind, in the end all they could do was repair most of her soul and enough of her mind so that she would not be able to return to the deadly battle frenzy that had claimed her by altering her genetics just enough so that she is part Emerald Dragon, as a result Natasha was declared mentally insane and set loose into the forest that was her home where she prefers to be alone.

Natasha is as savage as any of the Dolen’er, sometimes even worse. Her own people steer clear of her and only go to her when the need arises. She is typically hard to find and prefers the company of the small dragons that have been named Draeder in honour of the older days. If Natasha comes from her home into one of the elven villages it is usually something of an alarm and everyone listens to what she says, including the High Elder of the people. Anything that she uses is typically made by her own hands, she often visit’s the forest alters and will pick up anything that catches her eye as useful.

NOTE: Natasha is NOT a dragon, nor does she have any connection to them any longer.  She can NOT hear them or tell who is or is not a dragon other than by scent.  Skinwalkers are an exception to this. 

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