Character Details - Mordo the Wizard

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Mordo the Wizard

Age; 3000

Height: 6’

Eyes: Gray

Hair: Blond to Gray Depends on how he is appearing to others


Mordo is a close friend of Salem Rothchilde also a wizard.

ordo lives in a cave with a grumpy old dragon named Brutus.  This is Mordo choice, though Merlin placed him here to be a quide for his daughter if anything should ever happen to the Book of Merlin. Which it did and Mordo did do as he was suppose to along with many a comment from Brutus.  After the Book was found he saw no need to leave the cave.  He has made it home and he has grown use to the old dragon.

He does come out on occasion either as an old man or as an elf with the appearance of being around 35 years old.  Otherwise he appears around 60 years of age.  There is not much history on Mordo as it is being developed.  He is bit of recluse and the writer is trying to did the information out of him.  But Brutus keeps adding his two cents worth and the truth is hard to figure out.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Sir Ian McKellen