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Physical Description:
Name: Meylor Kati i Blackheart
Meaning of Name: Pure Morning Light
Nick names: Mey, rebel and breaklaw
Race: Half Rromani / Half Taurësúlë
Age: 1900+ (See character timeline for exact age)
Apparent Age (if different): Mid to late twenties
Height: 5 foot 7
Build/Weight: Athletic, slender hourglass
Hair: Autumn red
Eyes: Storm grey
Complexion: Lightly tanned
Identifying Marks (if present): Meylor has an unusual brand on her left hip that marks her as a high end slave (Born to a slave mother but a Lord father) It is a six petal flower, the petals are made of pale blue topax in a marquise cut, behind it are wings of silver than fan out protectively. Each having a tail of sort that trails down to twist at the bottom. The brand is 2 ½ inches long.
Clothing: Meylor can be seen wearing almost anything. Traditionally it was fitting black leather pants that laced up the side, knee boots and normally an ivory shirt that the neck and cuffs lace up though she tends leaving the laces in the front undone and a tad loose.

However, in recent years she has started wearing jeans a tank top, usually in black because she’s generally working on her ranch. He can, however, be seen wearing a peasant blouse with her jeans.
Personal Items usually carried: On a silver chain around her neck is a man's ring with a sapphire setting that once belonged to her father.

Personal Information:
Home Planet: Arlsyn
Planet of Residence: Arlsyn
Personality: Meylor’s temperament matches her hair colour, she’s fiery, but easy to laugh. She loves life but has learned that letting go too much can only lead to heartache. She tends to take the curve balls life throws at her in stride and if pain comes out of it she tends to suppress it choosing to hide it away so she can be the strong person that those on the ranch need her to be.

Meylor believes in justice and people getting what they deserve. She doesn’t take orders very well which makes one wonder exactly how she succeeded in being the Captain of the Kings Guard in Windgate for so long without total blow ups. But if you have her respect then odds are she’ll do what’s been asked…within reason. As a child she was treated to the ‘finer things in life’ but is quite willing to go without them.

Meylor is also highly protective of her loved ones and those that are in her care.
Occupation: Currently runs a horse ranch / orphanage
Skills and Abilities: Meylor has the ability to heal others, but not heal herself. When she tries to heal someone else she has to spiritually enter the other person and has to have physical contact, making it more of an out of body experience than most will ever know. Once inside, she works on weaving the tissues back together and encourages them to regenerate.

In the case of bale fire burns, she ‘enters’ through the same entry hole and follows the destructive path, once found, she ‘races’ ahead and then forces it back the way it came, encouraging the tissues to mend in her wake, the expelled bale fire often leaves her hands blistered, requiring her to have a healer herself.

Meylor also has the ability to pass through solid objects, though merging with it is possibly a better term. She does not, however, merge with people or any kind of bi-ped or animal as it disrupts things too much and leaves her with a migraine as the thoughts of the life form she’s merged with are carried over and for a short time after there is a bond allowing thoughts to pass from one to the other that fades within a matter of days.

She isn’t terribly bad at magic, but she doesn’t use it much either. She’s spent most of her life having ‘skills’ and no way to develop them fully until coming to the ‘known’ reality. She has an uncanny ability to duplicate another’s spell. Once she’s seen it, she remembers it, and can repeat it perfectly. Though she’s learned to respect the art because of stories that she’s heard.
Weapons Used: Meylor prefers her blaster to anything else, but is quite capable at the dagger, sword or anything else that you can put into her hand. If it can be used as a weapon, she can do it. Her aim is rarely off, unless she means to miss.

Background Information:
Marital Status: Single
Children: One Laurel i Steelhand (adopted)
Blood or Soul Bonds: Silverleaf Tapestry
Brief History: Meylor is from an alternate reality of Arlsyn that is very different than the one that the Silverleaf's grew up knowing. Though everything started out the same, when the 1000 years war came to Arlsyn, the Elven Gods didn't win...the Outlander Gods won...and humans took over the land, sending the original people of Arlsyn underground, and many elves became slaves to the humans.

Meylor's mother was from the "modern" Arlsyn that the Silverleafs come from. She stumbled through a portal when she was still young, and as a result she became an Elven slave with great beauty, and one of the wealthiest of the human men fell in love with her on the spot, bought her and wooed her until he won her affections and she became his mistress and consort, which was as close as he could come to taking her his wife. It wasn't unusual for humans to take Elven lovers, but few were loved so much. Nor was it unheard of for the couple to have children, but it was unusual at times for the human males to let these children live. But, live she did, and became Daddy's little girl.

The humans treated Meylor and her mother with respect, mostly because the Elven woman was a good hostess, and because Meylor's father was the most powerful man in the Nal. There was nothing that she was left to want for, and though her father spoiled her rotten, Meylor did not have the attitude to go with it.

When she was sixteen, slavers came to the city and began talking out against Meylor's father because of his devotion to his wife and mixed-heritage child. The slaver’s words poisoned the mind of neighbors, and unrest began to spread through out the city. Finally one fateful night, they attacked his home and killed him for the kindness he had shown. The slavers took many of the other elves as slaves, and ignored the documents that set each of them free upon his death.

A few others, Meylor, her brother Orris and their mother escaped, and sought sanctuary with the Underground people. There she spent many years with the original people of Arlsyn and learned the old ways and who her ancestors were, two things that she had been partially denied.

When Meylor turned 200, she began fighting against the humans and earning the reputation of an outlaw. She would lead raids against the same people that had been her friends, and in the end killed her father, freeing their slaves as she went. She became a thief, stealing from the humans in order to help the Underground people and the free elves. At times she even played the part of an assassin, when human nobles came to close for comfort.

When she was about 500, she learned how to make a portal without being discovered by the authorities. (Magic was forbidden to anyone non-human) One afternoon, Meylor decided that it was time for her to try on her own. So, she cast the portal to travel back in time, deciding to save her father, but just as she stepped through, one of the random gates merged with her portal, sending her back in time before the 1000 years war and into the Arlsyn that the Silverleafs know.

Deciding not to go back to the reality she knew, Meylor stayed in Arlsyn and met the ancestors that she only knew through stories and discovering the link she has to the Silverleaf Tapestry. Eventually she became a captain of a human kingdom on Arlsyn, retired and now owns and runs a horse ranch that also acts as a place of sanctuary and orphanage.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • Meylor’s scent is earth and wind
  • Meylor had a black spirit horse which allows him to have an unusually long life – along with other things – by the name of Estai meaning wrath in the Taurësúlë nature and was named so because of his nature and at the time he was only being called the black devil. He was a gift from Jack Steelhand. Estai stands at 17.5 hands at the withers or 5 foot 8
  • At one time Meylor was right hand dominated but after breaking it in an attempt to slug Y’Roden D’Riel when a forgotten force field separated them she learned how to operate with her left hand. She is now ambidextrous
  • When angered her eyes look like hot melted steel
  • Meylor was once Captain of the King’s Guard in Windgate. After several decades of dedicated service she was given a large spread of land upon her retirement and a decree that her land is viewed as a place of sanctuary and no one may arrest anyone upon it.
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