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Physical Description:
Preferred Name: Kaylee Raven Alcarin
Birth Name: Kaylee Skye Raven Alcarin
Meaning of Name: Gentle Meadow
Race: 2/3 Taurësúlë, 1/3 Navemi
Age: 1421 (as of Bloodmoon Rising)
Apparent Age (if different): Mid to late twenties
Height: 5' 8”
Build/Weight: Slender, athletic
Hair: Black, mid-back length
Eyes: Chocolate brown
Complexion: Copper
Clothing: Generally a loose fitting natural hued or black shirt that is tucked into either pants or a knee length skirt, generally dark brown in colour
Personal Items usually carried: A double heart bracelet and a gold ring with a pink gold rose; Small dagger at waist
Identifying Marks (if present): None of note

Personal Information:
Personality: Kaylee is easy going and joyful even in the harshest of times without being overly so.
Occupation: Healer
Skills and Abilities: Minor shape shifting abilities and prefers the shape of a swallow. Well versed in mundane and magical healing and is an acomplished earth mage.
Weapons Used: Dagger, staff and her own abilities

Background Information:
Blood or Soul Bonds: --
Marital Status: Married to Conlan Alcarin
Children: Cassey, Carrick and Kiana
Brief History: Kaylee has been raised in Silver Willow all of her life.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • Kaylee was raised by her father and the Silverleaf twins, mostly Shadow

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