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KalabPhysical Description:
Name: Kalab Aust Greyford
Meaning of Name: Impetuously bold
Race: Taurësúlë
Age: 2236 (as of Bloodmoon Rising)
Apparent Age: Thirties
Height: 6 foot 3
Build/Weight: Muscular, athletic, has taken on the heavy build of S’Heans
Hair: Medium to dark brown, shaggy
Eyes: Sky blue
Complexion: Copper
Identifying Marks: Gold dragon in the center of a wreath of feathers and flowers
Clothing: A light, white, muslin shirt left unlaced; Whispin leather pants; boots made of Whispin leather that come to the knee and laces. Clothing is made by his own hand.
Personal Items usually carried: Wedding ring

Personal Information:
Personality: Kalab is naturally quiet and enjoys observing. He is, however mischievous around friends and family. But whether around friends and family or strangers, he is bold, generally the one to jump first. It’s a trait he has had since a child, always testing the laws of nature.
Occupation: Ranger
Skills and Abilities: Well versed with sword and bow and tracking.

Magical: Kalab has an inherited dormancy of magic which gives him an immunity to most magic and an advanced ability to sense them. To him, magic gives off an unusual scent that few others can pick up. This ability works rather like an animal picking up the scent of propane or natural gas). It also inables him to have a built in radar that can be activated to pick out friend from foe and is commonly used during battle as he finds it more trustworthy than his eyes. Exactly how this feature functions is still in progress.

However this does not mean that he is completely void of magic. When in anger, his ‘abilities’ cause his eyes to glow a pure blue, like the heart of a flame, which sends even more adrenaline pumping through his veins and gives him the ability to be stronger than he typically is.

Kalab is in the process of learning how to function with his magical abilities sense he has bonded with his wife. The bondmate acts as a key to the door that keeps the Greyford magic dormant.
Weapons Used: Sword, dirk, occasionally bow

Background Information:
History: Kalab is the youngest son of Clyde Greyford; his mother was unknown to the clan. At the age of six months, he was taken to his father’s home village where he lived with his older brother Jaret, and Argent and Shadow Silverleaf until Argent's marriage. When his father left, he promised to return by the end of the year. At age two, he and his older brother, Jaret, were adopted by Shadow when his father never returned home. Before his brother’s eleventh birthday, Shadow had to leave the village, resulting in he and his older brother moving in with Argent and his wife Eleece.

After Shadow’s marriage to Suriel Aerta, he and Jaret moved in with the couple where he eventually moved into an outer room around the home before moving to Whispin with Anelain.
Marital Status: Married – Anelain Greyford
Children: An’Eka Greyford
Blood or Soul Bonds: Bonded to Anelain and tied to the D’Riel Web.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • While Anelain was pregnant with their daughter, An'Eka, Kalab craved pickles and Mai'Tus jam. It has sense become one of his favorite snacks

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