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Physical Description:
Preferred Name: Gwendolyne Wylandar
Birth Name: Gwendolyne Alicia Wylandar
Meaning of Name: Fair blessed of the nobility
Nick name: Gwen Race: Tasarëtil High Elf
Age: 2243 (as of Bloodmoon Rising)
Apparent Age (if different): Late Twenties
Height: 5' 10”
Build/Weight: Slender, athletic, hourglass
Hair: Mid back, golden blond curls
Eyes: Pale green
Complexion: Tanned
Clothing: White ‘tank top’ of gauzy white material, black leather pants that lace up the sides and reveals her tanned skin. Occasionally she can be found wearing an armored tank top made of linked armor with shoulder guards.
Personal Items usually carried: --
Identifying Marks (if present): Faded rune on her right temple that had been carved there when she was brought back from the dead; A pale thin scar running diagonally from the right side of her waist to the middle of her stomach - her death wound.

Personal Information:
Personality: Gwendolyne has a tendency to fear nothing, even though there are times that she should. But she's been dead once before, and brought back by darkness so she could careless if she "dies" again... thanks to her Master (who she killed with the help of another) She can't ACTUALLY die...she'll look dead, but her spirit is forever tethered to her body and she can be brought back by someone that knows the "trigger" words.

Gwen has found a balance between her dual natures that she is satisfied with and because of this she has found a sense of peace she hasn’t know since before her death. She does not regret what she has done in the past, and knows that there may come a time where she will repeat her actions, however she feels that it will be dealt with when the time comes.
Occupation: Warrior and Necromancer
Skills and Abilities: Necromancy and various weapons, she also senses death.
Weapons Used: Sword and bow

Background Information:
Blood or Soul Bonds: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: Mallore Wylandar (by Morereg Zasha) and Damion Rossëvirin (by Railen Rossëvirin)
Brief History: Gwendolyne was born to Orod and Arien Wylandar, it was a warrior's household, both parents having been born there, left, then returned. Her village was for those that had a wish to raise their children and not be bothered by wars. Not really knowing any other trade, she too became a warrior, as she was raised to be, even though Orod became a blacksmith while Arien became an herbal woman as well as seamstress. It never hurts to be prepared in case of war anyway.

During her years there she grew up with Railen Rossevirn. A High Elf older than she, with golden blond hair with brown streaks and snow-white locks in front. Their friendship grew until they became bonded. She loved him greatly.

There had been rumors of someone invading villages through out the valley. One night Railen and Gwen had an argument over what would happen if the invaders reached their village or those around them. The argument ended with Railen forbidding her to do anything unless he was there with her. The next day a neighbouring village was attacked, and having a great sense of honour, Gwendolyne went to help, despite Railen telling her not to, but the enemy force was too strong and they over ran the village.

Gwendolyne took a blow that even the strongest warrior could never survive, the blade slicing from her right side to her left hip. Her last thoughts were of Railen, but those were brief fore the darkness took away her pain and her life. Gwendolyne's body was stolen before her spirit could leave completely and before the Railen could retrieve it. She was taken to a place of darkness where an evil mage brought her back to life. But she wasn't the same. She became cold, cruel and heartless. Delighting in the pain of others.

As soon as Gwendolyne came back, a block was quickly put on the bond between she and Railen so he wouldn't know she was once again alive. When she became strong enough, and her master had enough confidence in her, Gwendolyne was sent out to destroy Railen. But the closer she became to Railen and the closer they came to their village, the more memories seemed to come and snatch away what she was suppose to do.

After trying to take the life of one of Railen's friends, and wounding Railen instead she returned to her Master's home. Only to destroy her master with the help of the same friend she had tried to kill, and Railen set her free.

Gwendolyne took refuge in a mountain range where she discovered an ancient black tower that over looked a pass. From there, she practiced her craft and became known as the witch of the mountains. Any traveler that would come into her clutches, were never seen from again. A few women traveled into the mountains after their husbands died, where they became the caretakers of the tower and of Gwendolyne herself during her darker nature.

During this time she met, killed and resurrected Morereg Zasha and bore him a son, Mallore. However, sex was as far as it went between them but they raised their son together until Gwen left, returning to Railen and to their home world, Tasaretil where she gave birth to their son, Damion.

During that time, she helped Railen when he decided to become a god and had his ex-wife and oldest son killed. Their plans were thwarted however, and, thanks to Damion's abilities, were able to have a portal cast that sent the family into another time, unfortunately the gods of their own world caught them in mid portal. While caught by the gods, Damion killed an oracle, which brought about the powers of the children gods being transferred to thirteen children that were born in the village that Railen and Gwen were raised in, resulting in Gwendolyne becoming the Goddess of Death.

Gwen eventually found a balance between her dual natures and for awhile she and Railen had an ‘on again off again’ relationship. However it seems that their relationship is now off for good and she has no desire to remain on Tasarëtil and is now traveling once again.
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