Character Details - Marius Agrippa

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Ghet and Galain's oldest child.


Marius Gaius Lepidus Agrippa
about 180 lbs
Blue-green eyes, short blond hair
Apparent Age: early twenties
Actual Age: forties - 47 in Dark Weavings
Usual Clothing: Unless otherwise specified, Marius will be wearing a plain white tunic that comes to mid-thigh, belted at the waist, and sandals. He may also wear a short cloak, and on special occasions his tunic will sport embroidery round the hem.
Distinguishing Marks: a cluster of moles on his left hip marking his bond to Foxxfire Evenstar

Marius is six feet tall, of slender build and leanly muscled. His hair is blond and fairly short, and his eyes are a pale blue-green colour - he bears a significant resemblance to his father Galain Alcarin. He is habitually neat in appearance, and either clean-shaven or with a small moustache and goatee - the most facial hair he can muster. There is a fighter's grace to his movements.

Largely, Marius is charming, smooth, and hard to ruffle. It's difficult to provoke a genuinely emotional response from him. He thinks quickly on his feet, and always has a quick come-back. He loves to laugh, and is naturally playful, but when threatened his sense of chivalry comes into play, to either his benefit or disadvantage - he's still not comfortable with hitting women, and naturally protects those he perceives as weaker than himself.

He's often playful in situations of imminent personal danger, adrenalin breeding a seeming delightful recklessness - as long as there's not anyone around he should be protecting.

On a deeper level, Marius retains a sense of honour and pietas from his youth in Imperial Rome. He craves a sense of belonging on both a personal and professional level. Yet he values his freedom, and is hard to get close to. He puts up a front of open affability, but genuine friendship is another matter. He can be prickly or even very occasionally aggressive when the values he holds dear are threatened: the trick for others is working out where these apparently random values are.

His light-heartedness is often a blind, and he doesn't easily express his emotions if he's hurt or angry. In stressful situations he will always repress his feelings and present an increasingly aggressive coldness, making him lash out sometimes at people who don't deserve it. Usually, these emotions only find their outlet in violence.

Marius spent his youth at court and in the legions. He's fit and strong, and a competant, if unimaginative, fighter with a gladius (short sword) and shield. He can wrestle, dance, ride, and has basic survival skills. Also, he has some talent for diplomacy and the usual court games.

Marius was blessed before birth by the goddess Venus, ensuring him more than his fair share of success sexually.

In Seeds of Wrath, Marius shared his body with Hades, one of the Fabioni. He is now marked as Hades' Chosen. This is something he chooses to fight rather than welcome, which is hardest when he is in battle.

Marius's parentage is a little confusing. He is Galain Alcarin's son. His biological mother was a Pompeiian, Livinia Aquillus, whose body had been borrowed by Galain's bondmate, Ghetsuhm Riker. Marius was raised by Livinia and her husband Lucius Agrippa until he was 23, when his mother died and he sought out his real father. Lucius was the emperor Titus's illegitimate son, and a favourite, so Marius's youth was dominated by the jockeying over the succession. Leaving Rome greatly increased his chances of survival when Titus died.

Since tracking Galain down, Marius's family has greatly increased. He considers almost all of Galain's children to be his siblings, as well as his younger half-brother Rhagi. He has one full sister, Aarien.

Marius is bonded to Foxxfire Evenstar. He loves her deeply and quietly.

More information about Marius can be found at his web page, here

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