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BarnabyPhysical Description:
Name: Barnaby Moonrune
Race: Taurësúlë
Age: Ageless
Apparent Age: Mid Forties
Height: 6 foot 10
Build/Weight: Lightly muscular
Hair: Brown, shoulder length and shot with grey
Eyes: Blue green with brown flecks
Complexion: copper
Identifying Marks: General scars
Clothing: High, soft brown boots, moss green shirt, brown trousers, and dark green open robe
Personal Items usually carried: Woman’s ring on a leather thong around his neck, staff

Personal Information:
Personality: Even tempered, tolerant, but stern. He keeps the records, and secrets, for the Nation.
Occupation: Advisor to the Enrai’er, Teacher, Sorcerer and former Ranger
Skills and Abilities: Proficient with the bow, sword and staff
Weapons Used: Sword, bow and staff

Background Information:
History: Barnaby is one of the original Children of Avram, meaning that he was created and never born. He and his sister Mae had parents, certainly, but the couple asked for children, and instead of coupling, they turned to the god Avram (creator of Arlsyn) who made him like he did the others. As a result, Barnaby and his family are unable to die, they simply regenerate. They also have the choice of growing physically old, proving the saying ‘wisdom comes with age’ to be true. He has ‘aged’ at least six times in his long life and does not always take on the same physical characteristics with each aging.

Marital Status: Widower: Ishlia Starr
Children: Fëaiel Moonbow
Blood or Soul Bonds: None

Note on the Moonrune Family: The Moonrunes have been around for generations, going back to the very first families that ever took their first breath in Arlsyn. They were also one of the first families to live within the tree tops of Gala Nodel. They have been around as long as the Silverleaf's have, if not longer.

They are the Historians and Wise Ones of the Elashta-shiri(Heavenly tribe). As long as there has been a Silverleaf that has ruled the clan, there has been a Moonrune beside them giving counsel. They have been the teachers of the clan, forest elves that everyone looks up to. They are great magic users and have the gift of sight, as well as being the healer for the clan. Many others come to the Moonrunes to be taught.

Moonrunes are the longest lived in the history of the Elashta-shiri, and one of the smallest families because of this. Only three are known to exist any longer. They are Barnaby, his younger sister Mae, and Barnaby's daughter Fëaiel. They tend to be single do to the fact that it is harder for them to find their other half. (Which is one reason why they live so long.)

Many believe that the Moonrunes are as blessed by the Sildanai as the Silverleaf's are, though none of the Sildanai have married into the Moonrunes. Some believe that the Sildanai have all agreed to watch over this family, but has forbidden any of their kind from joining with them, but they are taught by the Sildanai. Which is the reason why they are so wise...or so it is believed.
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