Character Details - Bade Taban - Done

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BadeName: Bade Taban
Race: Vampire House: Beltar
Age: Unknown
Height: 5’ 11”
Athletic with slight muscular build
Hair: Brown, unruly
Complexion: Tanned
Identifying Marks:
Fang marks on throat
Bade can typically be found wearing all black, with shirts that read ‘I dress this way to piss you off’ and other random phrases. His jeans are typically baggy, but not overly so, and slouches around his sneakers. He usually has a toboggan hat crammed over his unruly curls.
Personal Items usually carried: Stakeboard
Occupation/Titles: Rebel
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Bonds: None
Personality: Rebel/Punk
Skills and Abilities:

Weapons Used: Butterfly knife

Bade grew up in a broken home, his parents seemed to care nothing about him so he did what he wanted, when he wanted. He shares the same Sire as Juliet Kerry and was Embraced the same night, as a result it isn’t often you find them separate.

This character is still in development, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Bam Margera