Character Details - Arwyni Fortuna

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Arwyni Name: Arwyni Fortuna
Race: Sildanai
Age: Ageless
6’ 0” (often changes depending on her mood)
Hair: Black
Black (do turn gold depending on her mood)
Complexion: Porcelain
Identifying Marks: None
Clothing:  Her clothing is usually simple, an elegant satin sleeveless blouse and black breeches or a satin dress in ruby red.
Personal Items usually carried: None
Occupation: Goddess of Destiny and Chance
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Bonds: None

Personal Information:
Arwyni can be fickle at times and hard to please, however she is generally graceful in everything she does.
Skills and Abilities: Weaving important moments into mortal’s lives
Weapons Used:

She is the second eldest of the Sildanai and is considered the half sister of Oetwil Sunspear.  She was carved from ebony and gold then merged and brought to life by Avram’s blood.  The moon Armartha was named after her and is gold in colour.  Her sign is that of a gold coin that often spins.  One side of the coin shows a hand, palm up, while the other shows hands bound at the wrists.  If Arwyni doesn’t think a person is where they should be, no matter where they come from, she does not hesitate in removing them and leaves behind one of her coins.

There have been temples built to Arwyni, and always it shows her sitting in front of the building, dressed in what appears to be silk with her hands outstretched.  Those wishing good luck will toss a coin into her right hand while those thanking her or wish to appease her toss a coin into her left.  She also watches the Loom of Destiny and sees to the Path that Must Be to make sure that who ever falls under her authority does not stray from the goals set out before them.

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Rose McGowan