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Argent SilverleafPhysical Description:
Preferred Name: Argent Silverleaf
Birth Name: Argent Morko Celeblasse
Meaning of Name: Silver Bear
Nick Name: Gent (To friends and family); Cubby (to sister and younger nieces/nephews) Race: Taurësúlë
Age: 2647 (as of Blood Moon Rising)
Apparent Age (if different): Late twenties to early thirties
Height: 6’ 4”
Build/Weight: Wide shoulders, slender waist
Hair: Black with a silver lock that covers a scar over left eye, mid back
Eyes: Forest green
Complexion: Copper
Clothing: Boots, black pants, white swordsmen’s shirt that laces from chest to neck
Personal Items usually carried:
  • Necklace: Shroudling wedding choker
  • Middle finger right hand: Silver band engraved with ivy

Identifying Marks (if present):
  • Left eye: A scar that travels from the outer edge of his left eyebrow, across the eyelid and stops shortly below on his upper cheek. (Knife wound from sister)
  • Left shoulder blade: Blood red birth mark in rune shape
  • Right Pectoral: Amethyst gryphon encircled by wreath of silver leaves with crossing calla lilies below
  • Right bicep: Arched scar

Accent: Native American

Personal Information:
Personality: Argent is calm and gives off a serene air and a sense of respect. He is generally quiet preferring to bide his time instead of being hasty. He is not easy to anger, but when done so can be ferocious. He is highly protective of friends and family. Argent has an easy self-assuredness while not appearing cocky and is best explained as being comfortable in any given situation. He has a strong sense of duty to those he trusts and treats everyone with honor. Gent has been known to laugh in the face of tragedy even when it hits close to home. It should be noted that Gent balances out his twin's personality.
Occupation: Szar of Sha’dar, assassin
Skills and Abilities:Argent is a well-trained Arch Mage, he doesn’t use his magic unless it has to be done depending more on his instincts and skills. The elf is unusual in the fact that he doesn’t have to draw upon anything to work his magic. If he wishes to use his powers, it leaps up and is instantly there for him to use. Magic is something that is a part of his DNA due to the number of the Sildanai that have married into his family.

He's also an Aich Taurë Urhi, beings that can shift to any shape (once learned) and can control an element (Spirits). He can change into a silver wolf, a brown bear, a red hawk, all of which has his green eyes and the rune. His most common shift, however, is a bear that, when standing on two legs, will reach an estimate of ten feet, and a bronze dragon. As a default to being the Shroudling King, he is able to shift into a Nev’vlar Gryphon.

Background Information:
Blood or Soul Bonds: Silverleaf Tapestry (Patriarch), bond to twin
Marital Status: Married: B’Elya D’Riel
Borne by Elecece Bluethrush: Astra, Apolla, and Adaron
Borne by Tulië Karim: Ithilcalien Karim
Borne by Ista Kaimelar: Elviwen, and Aeriach (deceased)
Brief History: Argent is the son of Air Silverleaf and is twin to Shadow Silverleaf.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • When enraged, Gent's eyes take on the appearance of basalt forced apart by molten lava, the more enraged he gets, the more enraged he becomes, the more the forest green is lost and resembles lava
  • Argent can ‘see dead people’ because of the element he controls, he has simply learned to tune them out
  • Argent was ‘cursed’ by a demon, what that curse was exactly is currently unknown, or at least undiscovered though there are those that believe it is the death of the woman that he loves. This has not been completely proven.
  • Argent’s soul colour is midnight blue and silver
  • When enraged, Gent's eyes take on the appearance of basalt forced apart by molten lava, the more enraged he gets, the more enraged he becomes, the more the forest green is lost and resembles lava
  • Concerning Empath like characters: Argent gives off a since of calm and serenty, when angered it is near silent and feels like the eery silence/calm right before a storm hits.
  • Concerning Empath like characters: Argent is readable, however if an Empath character purposely projects an emotion towards him he can sense it but it does not affect him.

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