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The Changeling Prince
Pronouncing Chezlar Khor

NOTE: This character is only used in stories that directly affect his history, aside from the odd Cameo in service of the Fates.

AGE: 4.5 Billion years

Race: Changeling of Inligh

Hair: Ebony, Waist Length

Eyes: Liquid Gold, no pupil or iris

Wings: Ebony, softly feathered

Height: 8ft

Weight: 500 lbs

Widowed: Marion Seften

Lovers: The Goddes Venus (Briefly)

Father of: Chari Lar Khor and Arezlar Khor


Chezlar Khor is the Crown Prince of Inligh. His natural state is a golden mist, although he can also exist in liquid form. As a Messenger of Fate he is the keeper of their secrets. He is known as the Lord of Time, moving through time and space as mortals move through doorways. He is a healer, wielder of magic, angel and assassin. A God in Chains.

The Changeling is not wounded by the sword or any natural physical means, and is generally immune to magic. The only substance that can contain, wound, or kill a Changeling is Dark Matter, the polar opposite of their essence. Fortunately it is nearly impossible to find.

He no longer wears any jewelry of significance. The only weapon he carries is a broadsword, but it too is made up of his own essence.

He is the son of Hezlar Khor, the First One of his people. The Fates created Hezlar from the fabric of the universe to do their bidding. Chezlar's Mother was Weynen(Queen) Cheyne, Tribal Leader of the Whispin Centaurs. Skinwalkers, they are two separate beings that become one. Horse and human melding to take one form and able to separate at will, though too much time apart can kill them. Chez was raised on the Centaurian Planes until he came of age, then he was taken by his Father just before his mother's death.

His long life has been spent in the service of the Fates and he remained celibate for most of it. His one love and only lover, Marion Seften, was a longtime friend (in terms of her existence) that unexpectedly turned into more. Chez married her shortly afterwards. The marriage of an immortal and a mortal is doomed from the beginning however and their relationship ended as one might expect.

Chez has now returned to a life of service and celibacy, his two children by Marion taking up his free time -- though he did take Venus as a lover briefly. Who turns down the Goddess of Love?

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