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ApollaPhysical Description:
Preferred Name: Apolla Silverleaf
Birth Name: Apolla Eleece Silverleaf
Meaning of Name: Fair like the Sun
Race: Taurësúlë
Age: 2541 (as of Bood Moon Rising)
Apparent Age (if different): Early to mid twenties
Height: 5’ 8”
Build/Weight: Hour glass
Hair: Black with red locks(natural) mid back
Eyes: Silver (more frost) with charcoal outline
Complexion: Copper with golden tan
Clothing: Prefers form fitting clothing, generally pants with tight shirt
Personal Items usually carried:
  • Necklace: Gold sun on gold chain (gift from parents)
  • Middle finger right hand: Silver band engraved with ivy with striking gryphon in the center

Identifying Marks (if present):
  • Upper left bicep: Red sun star with silver haze
  • Right thigh: Blood red birth mark in rune shape

Accent: Native American with a slight Russian sound

Personal Information:
Personality: At the best of times her family considers Apolla a spoiled brat. She became bitter when she and her sister grew apart which only became worse when they began looking different. After the break up of her twin and her intended, Apolla became slightly protective until she realized that there wasn't anything to protect her sister from. Of which time she began baiting Astra in an attempt to get her to fight back and pull her out of the quiet seclusion she took up.
Occupation: Princess of Sha’dar
Skills and Abilities: Apolla is also known as Daughter of the Sun because of her ability to control sunlight. She also has the ability to turn into a red Gryphon. Because of her sunlight abilities, Apolla was talked into becoming a healer, a task that she enjoys, though her bedside manner is left wanting.
Weapons Used: A double edge blade called a scaramasax that is an "all purpose tool" but the blade is also deadly. The guard and pommel is brass and is decorated with celtic knotwork. A leather scabbard with belt loops keeps it attached to her at all times.

Background Information:
Blood or Soul Bonds: Silverleaf Tapestry, Bonded to B'Ryan D'Riel
Marital Status: Single - Bonded to B'Ryan D'Riel
Children: Meralin D'Riel
Brief History: Apolla is the youngest in a set of twin girls born to Argent Silverleaf and Eleece Bluethrush.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • Apolla has had a few lovers, but she does not look for anything further than one night, or several, stand, it all depends on how interesting she finds them and as long as there are no strings attached.
  • Apolla has a pet Draeder by the name of Flix

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