Character Details - Mouse

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Physical Description:
Name: Mouse
Meaning of Name:
Race: Lyonessen
Age: 6
Apparent Age (if different): 6
Height: 5 foot
Hair: Golden blond
Eyes: Doe eye brown
Complexion: Tanned
Identifying Marks (if present):
Clothing: Usually something ratty unless given a bath then whatever that is clean and on hand.
Personal Items usually carried: Rag doll

Personal Information:
Home Planet: Arlsyn
Planet of Residence: Arlsyn
Birth Family:
Second Family:
Personality: Cheerfully devious and astute
Skills and Abilities: picking pockets
Weapons Used: Cuteness

Background Information:
Marital Status: Single
Children: N/A
Blood or Soul Bonds: N/A
Brief History: Mouse was the daughter of a peasant girl and a Lyonessen soldier. When the girl’s father found out that his daughter was pregnant he kicked her out. At the time Mouse’s father was a way and when he came back he learned that his lover and their unborn child was gone. Though he looked for her, the soldier was unable to find her and as time wore on he gave up, certain that he would never find her again.

However the girl ended up in Brightglade where she lived off of the streets having nothing more than the clothes on her back. The street people took the girl in and helped her along but was unable to save her when the birth over taxed her body. The child was given her mother’s name of Madelyn.

Mouse was raised primarily by a beggar man that everyone calls The Grandfather who sees to the street kids. She is also protected by the thieves’ guild of Brightglade and the captain of the guard has a soft spot for her allowing her to get by with a great deal more than most of the street kids.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • Mouse’s real name is Madelyn, she doesn’t know her last name.
  • The nickname Mouse came about because she was small for a baby.
  • Mouse’s eyes have been described as doe-eyed, meaning they are large and innocent-looking

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