Character Details - Nikolai Vasili

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Nikolai Vasili


Knight/lesser noble/lost Prince of the Shadow-Court of Arcadia

Stands two meters tall, bipedal, sinuous build, glowing deep royal purple almond-shaped eyes, long black hair - tied back - body studded with luminous dark amethyst bodygems(see below), tanned caucasian skin, smooth complexioned, with long pointed Fey ears, three pairs of scarab-like folding wings in iridescent translucent amethyst, neatly interlacing fangs leading back to powerful molars, weighs approximately 60kg., highly charismatic, ethereally attractive, with an exotic, other-worldly air. Male adult; exact age in question due to lengthy period of Vampyric Unlife, currently in remission.

Born in the region which became Daugavpils, Latvia, in an era before the spread of Christianity. Nikolai spent his childhood in his father’s Shadow-Fey Court. As he entered his teens, he was fostered out to one of his father’s best allies: an ancient Vampyre known only as "Gonzalo", who was himself half-Fey by birth. When Nikolai’s father and relatives were killed fighting the advance of Christianity in the region, "Gonzalo" formally adopted Nikolai as his son and heir.

Heir to two dark thrones, the young Knight Nikolai continued the battle against those who threatened his way of life. He nearly lost his life during one battle, where "Gonzalo’s" servants discovered him, near death, among the fallen. Brought before "Gonzalo", Nikolai was forced to drink the ancient Vampyre’s blood, transforming him into a Vampyre Chylde. Blood-bound to his Sire, Nikolai spent several centuries thus, even surviving capture and torture during the Inquisition. The next few centuries were spent recovering, with brief periods of wakeful activity during the Napoleonic era, and each of the World Wars.

For most of his Vampyric Unlife, Nikolai acted as his Sire’s eyes, ears, and hands - relaying information back to his Sire about the changes taking place in the world, and enforcing his Sire’s will on the local populace. As such, he became a figure out of nightmare, mounted on a ghouled warhorse, clad in darkly burnished plate and chain armor, only his glowing royal purple eyes visible within his helm’s shadows. To his own mind, he was acting as the region’s defender - protecting the local people from all who would destroy their way of life. To the locals, he was something of an enigma, both hero and villain at once. Many were the dark and terrible tales whispered about him around their hearth-fires during the long, cold winter nights. During all this time, Nikolai never once encountered another Fey of any sort.

During the closing months of World War 2, Nikolai had a brief encounter with another Fey; not one of the Shadow-Fey, but one of the related, light-hearted ones. Noting the Vampyre-taint within Nikolai, the other Fey allowed Nikolai to feed from it, thus beginning the slow reversal of Nikolai’s Vampyric transformation. As the Fey magic surged through his body once more, Nikolai’s body betrayed his true status among the Shadow-Fey, sprouting the dark amethyst body-gems which marked him as a lost prince of the Royal Shadow-Court of Arcadia. Centuries of scar tissue peeled away, revealing both his handsome visage and his three sets of folding, scarab-like wings. His teeth, however, remained unaltered - a mouth filled with neatly interlacing fangs leading back to powerful molars. The other Fey left him another gift - a World War 2 era motorcycle, to replace Nikolai’s aging ghouled warhorse - before vanishing as swiftly as it had entered his life.

Although he is no longer a Vampyre, Nikolai has retained the knowledge of how to tap into the hidden powers within his own blood, making him something more than a Shadow-Fey should be. With the re-awakening of his Shadow-Fey magic, Nikolai has become even more powerful than before - and regained many of his race’s natural weaknesses and sensitivities. The Blood-bond to "Gonzalo" still lingers, maintaining a link to the elder Vampyre which allows for two-way interchange of information and conversation on a telepathic level. It may well be that the Vampyre-taint within Nikolai has only gone dormant, waiting for the dominant Shadow-Fey magic to fade once more, allowing it to surge to the forefront again.

Rapidly acclimatizing to this new, high-tech world, Nikolai is mastering the use of cell phones, computers, MP3 players, and internet. He speaks some form of most European languages, and is able to decipher most printed materials in those languages. Modern weaponry holds few mysteries for him - thus far - and he has adjusted well to riding a motorcycle instead of a warhorse. He still prefers to wear his armor in public, at least for those times he anticipates combat; even though he has discovered the allure of knit T-shirts and sweats with sneakers.

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