Character Details - Emily Van Dorn

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Physical Description:

Birth Name: Emilyn Van Dorn

Nick Name: Emily or Bittling

Race: Dorian

Age:  19

Height: 5 foot 3 inches

Build/Weight: Slim, good muscle tone

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue  

Complexion: Light Tan

Clothing: Jeans, t-shirt, soft kid leather boots or sneakers

Identifying Marks (if present):

Accent:  Slight Southern Twang

Personal Information:

Personality: Cheerful, Sarcastic, Strong willed

Occupation: Theif In Training

Skills and Abilities: Emily is currently be taught how to be a warrior and a theif by Lyme Tsarran

Weapons Used: daggers & throwing knives

Background Information:

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Blood or Soul Bonds:

Brief History:

Emily lived with her parents on a farm until she was five and a wealthy land merchant foreclosed on their property.  Her and her parents were thrown out on their streets where they did odd jobs barely making ends meet.  When she was 10 her parents died from an illness she doesn't know the name of.  After that she washed dishes and helped in the kitchen of a local inn/tavern.  Then one day a man by the name of Butch noticed her taking out the trash and offered to help her out.  At this time Emily was 12.

After two years of accepting Butch's help he finally decided she needed to pay him back and Emily ended up as a prostitute. 

When she was 18 she tried to pick the pocke of Lyme Tsarran.  The dark elf caught her and dragged her home with him.  He placed her in the private school the Vu'K'Tor run and began teaching her how to be a warrior and a thief.

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:
  • Emily's personal scent is apple blossoms

  • Emily's favorite food is hot dogs

  • Emily's favorite scent is clean sheets

  • Emily's favorite pass time is staring at the ceiling and seeing what images she can find in the different swirls and textures.

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Emily Osment