Character Details - Makaria Karandras

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Makaria KarandrasPhysical Description
Name: Makaria Karandras
Meaning of Name: Blessed Death of the Shadow Hunter
Nicknames: Kari
Race: Aerdonian Dragon; Black Kin
Apparent Age: Late Twenties

Dragon Appearance:
Colour: Black
Eyes: Brown (glows a golden-brown shade similar to amber when enRaged)
Length: Apprx. 50 ft snout to rump
Wingspan: Apprx. 75 ft wingspan

Human Appearance:
Hair: Darkest brown (looks black until you get close), shoulder-length, straight.
Eyes: Dark Brown
Complexion: Bronze
Height: 5' 7"
Build: Athletic, Lithe
Markings: Ring of black thorns with the rampant dragon in the centre on right shoulder blade.

Personal Information
Personality:  A loner by nature, Kari tends to keep herself to herself a lot of the time. When she does socialise, it tends to be in the Mess Hall with the rest of the Guard.
Rank: Lieutenant of the Black Guard (Right Wing Guard to Daemonorel Ashev)
Skills and Abilities: In addition to her natural ability to form blades and spikes from her own scale in two-legger form, Kari carries twin blades carried tonfa-style, that is with a handle at a right angle to the blade itself. As a Black, she is able to use fire as a breath weapon. However, she is also gifted by her goddess and god with the Flame. This gift is cast from the hand.
Weapons Used: Two bladed tonfas

Background Information
Marital Status: Single
Bonds: Blood-bond to Black Guard
Children: None
Brief History: Makaria is the daughter of Alastor Karandras, Vor'ill of House Karandras, a Minor House located in the North-East of the Diirlathe where the mountains meet the Sand Sea to the South and the Arctic Wastes to the North. Her mother is unknown, Alastor having always refused to answer that question. It is speculated that he might not even know since he had a bit of a reputation with the females in the past.

Other Information:

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