Character Details - Earl

Written by E. WarrenCreated : 5-Jan-2009 6:41:27 am
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3 forms: human, between, full fruitbat; prefers bat or between.

size: bat 1'6" tall, wings reach 3'4" tip-to-tip; between 3'4" tall, wings reach 7' tip-to-tip; human 3'8" tall

coloration: black fruitbat, black hair/fur all forms, orange/brown eyes, dark tan skin human.

Earl witnessed the murder of his colony and parents by frightened humans who mistook them for vampires. He survived because he crept up into a tight crevass in the cave roof and hid until days later, when Jagger of House Therion found him near starvation.

Earl distrusts humans, and tries to avoid them.

Gina-gina is Earl's baby sister, she was born two hours before the humans attacked. Wyatt is Earl's and Gina-gina's cousin.

In the rare times Earl takes human form, he looks like a child; somewhat frail, and confused. He almost NEVER takes human form, though.

clothing: Earl wears black pants, soft black boots, and a golden chest and shoulder piece given to him by Jagger. These only appear when he's in human or between form.

thanks, Wyatt for avi and sig! Thanks Gina, for hosting!

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

livingston's fruitbat