Character Details - Wyatt

Written by W. E.Created : 5-Jan-2009 6:08:01 am
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Werebat; fruit eating

Three forms: full fruitbat, between(humanoid w/ bat ears, tail, wings in addition to arms, legs, etc.), full human

Size: Wyatt is still growing. Currently, fruitbat is about 2ft. tall, with a wingspan tip-to-tip of almost 5ft.; between form is about 4ft. tall, with wingspan tip-to-tip of almost 10ft.; human form is about 5ft. tall.

All forms, blue eyes, black hair/fur. Human complexion is dark tanned.

Wears clothing given to him by members of House DreamWarrior.

Clothing only visible on between and human forms.

Wyatt is the oldest of three surviving werebat children rescued by House Therion and House DreamWarrior when their colony was attacked. Members of a local human settlement saw some of the werebats in flight, and feared they were vampires - not realizing they were feeding off the local fruit crops, not people.

Wyatt fled the attack, which trapped the colony in their cave, and searched the jungle for help. He found a group of House DreamWarrior's people, and managed to make them understand his colony was being attacked. However, by the time help arrived, the attack was over, and the bulk of the colony lay dead.

House DreamWarrior took him in, caring for Wyatt as they sent to House Therion to come help search for survivors.

When everything was done, Wyatt, Earl, and Gina-gina were the only survivors. As werecreatures, they joined House Therion, where they were placed in the care of "Dr. Bob", a huge Bastet snow leopard, and "Jagger", a Bastet Balam also from Terra.

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