Character Details - Gina-gina

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Fruit werebat



Gina-gina is one of three young fruit-eating werebats who were orphaned when the local village of humans on Terra massacred the colony out of fear. She was only hours old when the attack happened, and survived hidden among the dead until rescuers from House Therion arrived.

She has adopted Jagger (Balam Antar) as her father, and views Earl and Wyatt as her older brothers.

By far the smallest of the three, Gina-gina has only transformed once - into a human-looking infant - and back again almost immediately. She can fly for very short distances, and drinks milk, water, fruit juices; and eats fruit. She can stand bipedal in her bat form as well as in her between form, and likes to dress as a tiny hula dancer and wiggle.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Fruit bat