Character Details - Baily Raven

Written by Rhiannon KTralCreated : 25-Dec-2008 10:24:29 am
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Physical Description:

Birth Name: Baily Raven

Meaning of Name:N/A 

Nick Name:Bai

Race:1/4 Human, 1/4 Felinumeara, 1/4 Navemi, 1/4 Taurësúlë 

Age: Unborn

Apparent Age (if different): N/A

Height: 6 foot 6

Build/Weight:Lean, well muscled, like a swimmer 

Hair:Red with blond streaks

Eyes:Hazel green 



Identifying Marks (if present):
The mark of Tihr a’Lahn which is a circle of five silver stars at the base of his neck (looks like a tattoo)

Tiger stripes around his biceps from shoulder to elbow and around his thighs from groin to knee

Elemental rune in the hollow of his left hip.


Personal Information:



Skills and Abilities:

Weapons Used:

Background Information:

Marital Status:


Blood or Soul Bonds: Fela with his mother - Tiannon Black
Felo with is father - Balan Raven

Brief History:

Other Information or Things that may be discovered by your character:

  • Baily's element is water like his father

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Jay Kenneth Johnson