Character Details - Ranak Lar Darkstar

Written by Daman FergusonCreated : 8-Dec-2008 12:56:40 am
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Physical Description:
Ranak Lar Darkstar is a 450 million year old Changeling of Inligh, Although he looks and acts to be in his mid-twenties when he takes human form. He can choose to be any height he wants, but appears to be 6'0 tall with a thin athletic build, although he ways way more then he looks. He typically chooses short, dark brown hair with a well trimmed goatee. but his eyes are always a shimmering gold, no matter the form he is in. He usually chooses to wear loose black pants with black boots, and a loose long sleeved black shirt.

Personal Information:
*Personality: Sarcastic and cranky.
*Occupation: Unwilling messenger of the fates.
*Skills and Abilities: Body is made of a gold essence, can change form at will (although all forms have the same golden eyes), Is not harmed by conventional weapons (they do cause him pain though), when the fates approve he has healing abilities.

Background Information:
Ranak's father was a messenger of the Fates, until they made him cease to exist as a result of his interfering and revealing the furture. As a result Ranak has no interest in serving them, though they use him often unwillingly. Another result of his father's interference was Ranak's loss of ability to see into the future. When not being used by The Fates he is usually wandering about drinking soda and causing mischeif.
*Marital Status: Single
*Children: None

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Jason Wiles