Character Details - Magnolia

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*Name: Magnolia (Maggie)
*Age: 3694
*Apparent Age (if different): 20
*Height: Between  3'6"
*Build: Lithe, curvy, sensual, extremely feminine
*Ears: Pointed
*Weight: 35 - 40 lbs.
*Hair: White blond
*Eyes: Blue/Green
*Complexion: Peaches and cream

*Clothing: Bandanna sized triangular cloth over their chest tied in back. Bandanna sized triangular cloth tied in a knot over one hip.
*Personal Items usually carried: silver pendant of a magnolia flower
*Marks: a birthmark on the small of her back just above her bottoms magnolia flower.

Personal Information:

*Personality: Sensual, Flirtatious, Adventurous
*Occupation: Courtesan
*Skills: Anything that has to do with sex
*Magical Abilities: Lure, Nature manipulation, Growth, Camouflage
*Weapons Used: Magic

Background Information:
*History: Maggie has lived her whole life within Kalina Paulin or the surrounding jungle.  She has, like those of her race, spent that time enjoying nature and bedding any male she comes across. 
*Marital Status: Single
*Children: No
*Blood or Soul Bonds: No

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Kirsten Storms