Character Details - Lycion Kah'Tar

Written by AkavCreated : 8-Nov-2008 9:54:20 pm
Last Edited : 8-Nov-2008 9:56:13 pm

Name: Lycion Kah'Tar (Lie SEE On)
Race: Felinumeara
Clan: Tiger
Age: 417
Apparent Age: 25
Eyes: Peridot
Hair: Black
Life: 2
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 265lbs

Basic Body Build: Well muscled, lean, broad shouldered, .

Abilities: All the usual felinumeara abilities with an emphasis on those skills specific for weapon smithing.

Personal Information:

Personality: Very male, chivalrous, patient

Occupation: Black Smith/ Metal worker
Weapons Used: N/A.

Background Information:

History: .
Marital Status: Single
Children: Several
Parental Bonds:
Father: Aquarius Kah'Tar
Mother: Amalynn Quit'Tos
Aer'Fei'Kno: Rhyan K'Tral Black

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