Character Details - Makoma

Written by SeraphCreated : 5-Nov-2008 4:35:55 pm
Last Edited : 5-Nov-2008 4:38:18 pm

Physical Description:
Name: Makoma
Nickname: Koma
Race: Winged elf
Age: Unknown
Complexion: Porcelain white with a hint of silver.
Height: 6'3"
Hair: Knee-length, black.
Eyes: Large, expressive... blue-violet.
Identifying Marks/Features: Black wings, 16' wingspan; naturally formed black marks that boarder the outside and bottom lines of his eyes; several braids, beads, and strips of leather decorating his hair, mostly silver or other pale colors that stand out against his dark hair.
Clothing: Usually wears loose-fitting clothes, thin and elegant materials that catch the wind. In battle, he wears the same style only darker in color, adding to that special gloves that have claws built into them as weapons for close combat.
Piercings: Several thin silver rings through the top rim of his wings which are marks of great successes in previous battles.

Personal Information:
Personality: Typically the happy type, though he gets in his deeply contemplative moods. Not as deeply philosophical as a lot of his kind, but then he's one of the most dedicated to the area of battle. Severely claustrophobic.
Skills and Abilities: Flight; battle, though most of his skills are ranged attacks, using only close-up combat when necessary.

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