Character Details - Christian

Written by SeraphCreated : 5-Nov-2008 4:19:47 pm
Last Edited : 5-Nov-2008 4:42:13 pm

Physical Description:
Name: Christian
Nickname: Christi
Nationality: Romanian
Race: Vampire
Age: 482
Apparent age: 19
Height: 6'2"
Hair: Long, dark -almost black- and slightly wavy.
Eyes: Violet
Identifying Marks: Right nipple pierced.

Background Information:
Born in Moldavia in 1525, he was turned shortly after his nineteenth birthday. The vampire that sired him had been an old Roman soldier named Valerius. They met one night while Christian was working in a tavern owned by his father, and as they talked Christi began to become enthralled by the dark stranger. The vampire turned him soon enough, and after the initial shock and denial wore off, things went well. It was a couple centuries before things turned sour and Christi set out on his own. He went to the one place he and Valerius had never ventured to, a place far removed from the old world... All those memories left behind, he started his new life. Or lives, really.  Christi loved to be just on the edge of the living world, taking a small part in it but never getting too involved that a faked death wouldn't solve his problems. At that point, he just moved on to another area and started again, picking up new talents, new jobs, and sometimes even a friend or two.

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