Character Details - Seraph

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Physical Description:
Name: Seraphinus
Nickname: Seraph
Nationality: half ancient Egyptian, half Roman
Age: 2040
Apparent age: 25
Height: 6'3"
Hair: Black, long... down to his waist. Sometimes kept tied back, sometimes left flowing free, and even sometimes decorated with golden beads.
Eyes: Ice blue
Identifying Marks: A handful of scars over his midsection marking his death wounds.

Background Information:
Seraphinus was the son of a Roman warrior and an Egyptian priestess. After the Romans conquered Egypt, the two met under fairly hostile circumstances and yet still managed to get drawn to one another. The following year, Seraphinus was born from that union. He was taken under his father's wing for the most part, taught to be a warrior and fight for Rome. His mother still wanted to teach him the ways of her people, and did so as often as she could, showing him all she could of the gods and culture.

By the time he was of age, he was carrying a spear and shield and marching into battle. He was a skilled warrior, his father had seen to that... and he was rather large for that day and time which made him a very intimidating foe. But by the age of 25 he was struck down in battle and killed. Not that it really stopped him, Seraph's spirit refusing to rest, wanting to see more of the world that he'd earned but a taste of in his travels with the Roman army. Wandering, never really staying in one place long, he's learned that people see him more and more as time goes on.

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