Character Details - Riordan McKae

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Physical Description:
*Name: Riordan McKae
*Meaning of Name: Royal Poet
*Race: Vampyre (Xue Yueliang)
*Age: 237
*Apparent Age: 30
*Height: 6'1
*Build: Lean, muscular, like a gymnast or dancer

*Weight: 175lbs
*Hair: Black
*Eyes: Yellow Hazel
*Complexion: Fair
*Identifying Marks: Rose bud tattoo that starts at his right pectoral muscle with the stem winding down his right side.
*Clothing: Black leather pants, black velvet jacket with silver toggles, white linen poet shirt, soft black leather boots.
Personal Items usually carried:

Personal Information:
*Personality:  Romantic tempered by practicality
*Occupation:  Poet
*Skills and Abilities:  Riordan has all the hunting and fighting skills of his race.  He also possesses heightened senses and strength.
*Weapons Used: Riordan doesn't use bladed weapons and instead fights with his body.

Background Information:
*History:  working on this
*Marital Status:  Single
*Children:  None
*Blood or Soul Bonds: None

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Olivier Martinez