Character Details - The Fetch

Written by Magpie WolfeCreated : 25-Oct-2008 12:38:39 pm
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Name: The Fetch

Race: Human, but can shapeshift into a gigantic black feline.

Age: About thirty – she lost track.

Height: As a human, 5’9”; as a feline, 3’5”

Build / Weight : As a human, athletic and lean but very strong. As a feline, as rangy as a cheetah and as fast, but somewhat bigger than the average tiger.

Hair : Black, with a subtle pattern of rosettes like a black panther; always braided in public to avoid people seeing this.

Eyes : Silver-green; she uses coloured contacts to look dark-eyed.

Complexion : Very pale ivory-white.

Identifying Marks : None.

Clothing : Black, usually hiking boots, jogging pants and a sleeveless t-shirt under a good-quality cashmere sweater.

Personal Items usually carried : None.

Personality : Quiet, can give the impression of being sociable but never really engages with others, prefers to be alone.

Occupation : Assassin and freelance killer.

Skills and Abilities : Can shapeshift into a feline at will, can also phase out and become invisible, intangible and able to walk through solid objects as desired. This is very useful as she can walk invisbly through any security screen, reach into her target and remove their internal organs without being detected, then leave again as invisibly.

Weapons Used : Who needs weapons?

Background Information:
History : The Fetch was born into the last generation of a family who had a long history of a family fetch, a supernatural guardian figure which appeared as a giant feline to give warning of imminent danger to any member of the family. When she was a small child, her family were all murdered so the infant Fetch could be stolen by a terrorist group who trained her to kill on demand. When she reached puberty, one of the group took a few liberties, one thing led to another and she killed the entire group before striking out by herself as a freelance assassin for hire. By the time she was about twenty, she had a massive fortune and a fearsome reputation, and at around twenty-five, when she retired from active assassination, she had more than enough wealth to live in luxury for the rest of her life. Finding this boring, she began looking for something to do and drifted into the rather restricted field of supernatural private investigation. When all else fails, however, she is a last straw to grasp,provided only that the problems are interesting and challenging. She isn’t interested in money or in anything routine.
Her shapeshifting is not tied to the moon and since she is the last of her family, she is not called on to warn others of impending doom.

Children : None.

Blood or Soul Bonds : None.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Black Panther