Character Details - X'avier Rollingsworth

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X’avier Rollingsworth

Birth date:  December 21, 1560 (Looks 30 years-old)

Race:  Therian (Timber Wolf - Canis lupus)

Occupation:  Pack Leader of Xue Yueliang Therians



Height:  6’3”

Weight:  190 lbs./ 86.2 kg

Complexion:  Light Tan                     Eye Color:  Ice Blue with Black Outline

*Eyes have a Reflective Tint when light is shined on them in the Darkness

Hair Color/Type:  Black with Dark Navy Highlights / Straight

Hair Style:  Short with long bangs combed to the back and to the sides

Identifying Body Marks: 

Build/Fitness Level:  Lean/Muscular / Athletic/Acrobatic

Special Abilities/Attributes:  Heightened Human Endurance/Stamina Level / Slight Super Human Strength / Heightened Human Senses / Speed 15mph / Heal faster than regular Humans / Immune to most diseases / Regain Strength


Height/Length:  51” Shoulder height/ 107” Tip of nose to end of Tail

Weight:  176.3 lbs/ 80 kg                  Eye Color:  Light Blue/Midnight Blue with Black Outline

Fur Color/Type:  Black/Navy/Grey with White patches / Medium long / Soft

Build/Fitness Level:  Muscular / High Stamina Level

Special Abilities/Attributes:  Quick Heal / Super Heighten Animal Senses – Smell, Sight, Hearing, and Taste / Speed 90mph / High Endurance to Cold / Immune to most diseases / Regain Strength


Height:  6’6”  ( No Tail )

Weight:  205 lbs/ 93 kg                     Eye Color:  Midnight Blue with Black Outline

Fur Color/Type:  Black/Gray with small patch of White on chest / Short / Soft

Build/Fitness Level:  Lean / Muscular / Athletic / High Stamina Level

Special Abilities/Attributes:  Super Strength / Super Heighten Animal Senses – Smell, Sight, Hearing, and Taste / Highly Agile / Extremely Acrobatic / Speed 60mph / Healing / Sneaking / Immune to most diseases


Height:  7’  ( No Tail )

Weight:  225 lbs/ 102.1 kg

Complexion:  Dark Grey                     Eye Color:  Black

Fur Color/Type:  Black/Grey / Thick / Short / Corse

Build/Fitness Level/Special Abilities:  Husky / Massive Muscles / High Stamina Level

Special Abilities/Attributes:  Berserker Super Strength / Heighten Animal Senses – Smell, Sight, Hearing, and Taste / Infra-Vision / Speed 30mph / Endurance to pain / Healing / Immune to most diseases


Pant:  Dark form fitting Blue Jeans

Shirt:  White form fitting cotton undershirt

Shoes:  Black leather chin high boots 1 ½” heels

Coat:  Black relax fitting Leather Jacket

Glasses:  Silver framed Rayban Sunglasses with Reflective Tinting

Jewelry:  Gold High School looking ring with Wolf insignia belonging to his deceased father

           Gold Medallion (The Eye of the Beast)




Steel blades with tribal symbols along the dull edges and encrusted with diamond dust on the sharp edges


X’avier is considered by most of his kind to be a wise and respectable kindhearted leader.  He’s a good listener and deals patiently with his pack and is determined to keep their trust.  Those whom threaten them and consider his kindness as a weakness know all to well how cunning, vigorous, and ferocious he can become when he needs to.


Bartending; Hunting; Leader



Xavier Rollingsworth was born in England during the beginning reign of Queen Elizabeth in the 15th century.  He is the only son of Thomas and Isabella Rollingsworth.  As a pup they lived in a big abandoned manor near the woods with their small pack, just a couple of miles outside the city limits of London, where X’avier could run free.

Because of his parents fixation with humans his father got a job in London fixing ships that docked for repairs and would often bring X’avier along with him.  He was also brought along as the family pet when running errands in the city square or when they were invited to fancy banquets.  His father often chuckling when people made fun of the way the dog was treated as a child.  Unfortunately their good life didn’t last for long.  On his first birthday his father took the family out to get X’avier a present but as they were returning home they noticed that there was smoke rising in the direction of their home.  Their secret had some how been discovered and the manor was engulfed in flames. To their horror by the time they got there everyone was either dead or had runaway. Wolf heads were mounted on pitchforks stuck into the ground all over the front yard. Thomas took his family and put them on a ship going to the Americas where no one knew of them and they could start over again as a family.

When arriving at the port in the Americas they were told of a place in the south that others like themselves were gathered. Xue Yueliang Bayou, a safe place where young X’avier could grow up around others like him.  They were quickly taken in and adopted into the pack.  Soon after arriving there X’avier painfully changed for the first time into a 15-year-old looking human boy.  He learned how to hunt with the pack, defend himself against any possible enemy he might encounter, and how to blend in with the humans.  As the years passed he grew into a member the pack could respect and consider as one of their best. He was a natural born leader.

X’avier helped support the pack by bartending at night at a local Tavern whose customers were the creatures of the night.  Some drunk fool would always brag about some crooked deal he was involved in or he would hear about trouble that was arising somewhere that would uncover their secrets. He was like the ear of the pack, reporting any information he gained back to the Leader so it could get corrected.

One-night two members of his pack visited him at the tavern.  They had come to inform him that his father had been followed and killed by members of the Secret Society.  X’avier immediately dropped everything and followed them back to the bayou but was too late.  Two members laid dead on the ground near the gate entrance with their hearts ripped out. A battle was underway and X’avier could see the Leader bravely trying to fend off three of the intruders from attacking the cubs. X’avier jumped right in and managed to kill one of them while the Leader got the other two.

The battle seemed to last for hours and by the time it had ended there were many of them dead and many more injured. X’avier went to report to the Leader that the last of the intruders had been run off. As he was speaking the Leader suddenly grabbed for Xavier’s shoulder and fell to his knees. Quickly X’avier knelt down to examine him and noticed a thick bolt bulging through his chest completely replacing the area of his heart. Gasping the Leader for extended his hand to X’avier and looking in his eyes demanded that he’d take the medallion hanging from his neck, the Eye of the Beast.  He was to become their next leader. X’avier took the chain in his hand then the Leader collapsed dead in front of him.  X’avier ordered two of the Therians to search out the intruders but they were unable to find any trace of them.  They had disappeared like magic.

Since that awful night X’avier, as leader of the Therians, has kept himself busy in the preservation of his peoples.  They are beginning to thrive again secretly in the depths of the bayou of Xue Yueliang, unknown to the outside human world.

Marital Status: Single

Children:  None

Blood or Soul Bonds: None
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