Character Details - Ilia Chevalier

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Physical Description:

Name: Ilia Rene Ashekeveron

Race: Vampyre

Age:  446

Apparent Age: 25

Height: 5 foot even

Build: Excellent muscle tone, agile, like that of a gymnast

Weight: 105 lbs

Hair: Platinum Blond

Eyes: Clear Blue

Complexion: Fair like porcelain

Identifying Marks: None at present

Clothing: In her home she wears gauzy gowns or robes in white or light blues with no shoes and her hair is always left loose. In public she wears form fitting gowns of black leather, silk, or velvet.  All accessories are done in crimson and her hair is always in either a French knot or a French twist with an antique ruby comb for decoration that is really a small dagger.

Personal Items Usually Carried: Ilia always wears a silver rose pendant with a diamond set into the middle of the petals that belonged to her mother.

Natural Scent: A combination of earth and roses

Personal Information:

Personality In Private:  Generous, Kind, Observant, Flirtatious

Personality In Public: Cool, Aloof, Seductive, Cautious

Occupation: Mistress of Xue Yueliang

Skills & Abilities: Heightened senses, perfect night vision, extreme agility and dexterity, super human strength, telekinetic, accelerated healing.

Weaknesses:  Severely allergic to sunlight, light sensitive eyes, sideropenic anemia (iron deficient)

Weapons Used:  Ruby dagger comb, Nails (her nails are tipped with silver to make them more claw like), and anything else she can get her hands on.


Background Information:

History:  Ilia was born in Chevalier Manor in 1562 to Nicholas and Rene Chevalier.  As she was the only child out of six pregnancies to be born alive and healthy both her parents not only doted on her, but also took every precaution necessary to insure their beloved daughter was well protected from not only humans, but also any unforeseen occurrence that could have arose due to her allergy to sunlight. 

As a result of her parents protectiveness Ilia spent the most of her childhood and adolescence shut up within the manor being tutored in all the acceptable practices for young women at that time.  Although Xue Yueliang was little more than a village, while Ilia was growing up, with her father presiding over it as the protector for the few vampyre families that called it home Nicolas still felt the need to teach his daughter all he could about governing others.  As time went on, however, more and more Vampyres appeared to make the tiny village their home.  By the time Ilia was in her late twenties Xue had become a town with a human population of around one hundred with the vampyre population easily matching their numbers.   In response to the growth of the area Nicolas added several other subjects to his daughter’s studies which included reading body language, which previously had only been a side subject, negotiation, and strategic exercises not just for battle, but also in other areas  all of which was geared toward strengthening her mind while teaching her  to look at the big picture instead of just the individual pieces of a situation.  As a result she regularly beat him at chess.

  Ilia’s life, however, was not all work and no play.  Once her studies were done she spent the remainder of her time with her parents playing games, walking the grounds, or attending the occasional party.  It was at one such party that Ilia met Andrew Billingsford.  She was quite taken with him from the start and at one point it was hoped that the couple would marry.  This thought, however, was dashed when Andrew’s decapitated form was discovered one evening on their doorstep with a note pinned to his chest stating that the good people of Xue Yueliang would not tolerate the infestation of undead that plagued their town. 

Ilia was horrified that anyone could do such a thing and Nicolas put the whole vampyre community on alert, though it did little good.  The town’s people were ruthless as only humans can be.  In the three months that the attacks persisted the vampyre community lost twenty people including Ilia’s mother.  Eventually Nicolas rooted out the ring leaders, charged for murder, and hung.  However, the loss of his beloved wife took all the fight out of Nicolas who finally succumbed to melancholia and basically wasted away.

With the death of her parents Ilia assumed control of Xue Yueliang at the age of 25 and has been governing its ever growing population ever sense. 

Marital Status: Single

Children: None

Blood or Soul Bonds: None

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