Character Details - Borz

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Physical Description:

Name: Borz
Meaning of Name:
Race: Krynnese Bronze Dragon
Age: 300
Apparent Age (if different): Young Adult
Height: 7ft. At wing-shoulder; 21ft. Long, snout to tail-tip
Build/Weight: Quadrupedal with wings/ approximately 3 tons
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Green
Complexion: Metallic bronze scaled with splotches of patina green and brown
Identifying Marks (if present): pattern of patina green and brown markings on wings and dorsal.
Clothing: N/A, unless saddled and harnessed for riding/combat.
Personal Items usually carried: coins and gemstones tucked beneath scales.

Personal Information:
Personality: Borz is curious and outgoing, generally friendly towards those friendly to him or his buddy, Finley O’shea.
Occupation: Scholar/Adventurer
Skills and Abilities: Borz is literate in multiple languages, can read and write magic, is versed in research, combat, and survival skills, can fly, swim, run, and carry a rider.
Weapons Used: Dual breath weapon - flames or conical-shaped cloud of sleep gas; claws, teeth, tail-strike, wing-slap, body-slam, spells.

Background Information:
History: Borz hatched out a little over a decade before Finley was born. He’s known Finley since the wild elf was 3years old. Having grown up with Finley as a nestmate, Borz looks fondly upon his brother-not, and even followed Finley into a nomadic life of adventuring to obtain scholarly knowledge. Unlike Finley, Borz is fascinated by the smaller, shorter-lived races, and seeks to gather what information he can about them. Borz will fight to protect Finley if need be.
Marital Status: Unmated
Children: None
Blood or Soul Bonds: Friendship bond to Finley O’shea

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