Character Details - Meadhbh

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Physical Description:
*Name: Meadhbh (Maev)
Meaning of Name: she who intoxicates
*Race: Nymph
*Age: 6942 (Oldest living Olath Narikia)
Apparent Age (if different): 25
*Height: 3’6” (with magical growth) 5’6”
*Build / Weight : Slender, like a gymnast and weighs all of  95lbs
*Hair: Copper Red
*Eyes: Golden with green flecks
*Complexion: Alabaster
*Identifying Marks (if present): Triskillon surrounded by three dragons on lower back.  Looks like a tattoo but is really a birthmark.
*Clothing: Spandex like tube top and micro mini skirt of the same material.   Both black.
*Personal Items usually carried: Red steel pendent of the triskillon with the three dragons around it.

Personal Information:
*Personality: Sultry, intelligent
*Occupation: Courtesan
*Skills / Magical Abilities: Meadhbh is skilled at anything that pertains to carnal activities from using her feminine wiles to hook the male she has in her sights to the actual act.  Her magical abilities are as follows:  Lure, Nature manipulation, Growth, Camouflage
*Weapons Used: Dagger strapped to her right thigh.

Background Information:
*History:  Meadhbh has been a courtesan at the dark court of the fae for all her life.  She travels around CathEska with her best friend Eilwen looking for something or rather someone interesting to help pass the time and fulfill her carnal appetites. 
*Marital Status: Single
*Children: None
*Bonds: Phelan (FAY lin) - you could call him a familiar. He is a kal'daka (wolf) with a base coat of solid black frosted with silver at the tips.  Phelan goes with Meadhbh wherever she goes and his name actually means: Little Wolf.


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