Character Details - Finley Oshea (O'shea)

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Physical Description:

*Name: Finley O’shea
Meaning of Name:
*Race: Elven
*Age: 286
Apparent Age (if different): 22
*Height: 5' 3"

*Build/Weight: Svelte/75 lbs.
*Hair: Black
*Eyes: Green
Complexion: Smooth overall, slightly tanned
*Identifying Marks (if present): Slight scarring around left fore-arm and right leg.
Clothing: Varies from loincloth to bronze scale armor.
Personal Items usually carried: Talisman of Dragonkind Friendship

Personal Information:
*Personality: Inquisitive by nature, polite but determined to gather the knowledge he seeks.
*Occupation: Adventurer-Scholar, specializing in studying dragons and their kin.
*Skills and Abilities: Fast-talk, etiquette, diplomacy, healing, magic, linguistics(draconic), craft wonderous item, basic weapons use, basic armor use, archery, longsword, literacy, calligraphy, bookbinding, performance, singing, musical instrument(mandolin), move silently, detect hidden, appraisal, swimming, running, riding exotic(flying{dragon}), mounted combat, read magic
*Weapons Used: sword and shield, longsword, longbow, shortbow, crossbow, lance, dagger, spells.

Background Information:
*History: Finley was barely three years old when the DragonWars broke out. His village was one of the first to be destroyed; a sympathetic bronze dragon scooped him up, saving his life. Raised by bronze dragons - among the dragons’ own young - Finley learned much. Returned to a surviving group of elves when he was 23, Finley began re-learning how to act among non-dragons. Never really comfortable among his own people, Finley left at the age of 40 to begin a life of adventuring, as he seeks to learn and record all he can about Dragons and their kin.

One of the young dragons he grew up with sought Finley out, and joined him; desiring to learn about the other races as Finley learns about Dragons and their kin.

Finley gained the scars when he was 178 years old - an ancient red dragon took offense at something Finley said and tried to eat him. Finley saved himself by dousing his clothing and skin in oil of dragonsbane as he was being flung into the dragon’s maw, thereby suffering only lacerations from the teeth as the creature’s maw closed on him. Oil of Dragonsbane is a known dragon repellant; taken internally, it makes them sick - externally, it blisters their thick hides in allergic reaction. The ancient red dragon took one taste, gagged, and spat Finley out, continuing to gag as Finley dragged himself to safety. Finley always keeps a few flasks of oil of dragonsbane handy, just in case.

*Marital Status: Single
*Children: None
*Blood or Soul Bonds: A deep friendship-bond to his bronze dragon friend and mount.

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