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goldyName: Goldy; full name, Goldeneye


Race: Felidae, of Loegr. Sister to Morningstar.


Height/Weight/Build etc: about 12" to the shoulder; 24" from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail; about 6-7lbs. Wiry, slim, fast; a long thin cat with long legs. Goldy has shortish, striped ginger fur with the guard hairs of a longer-haired cat; a long, sinuous stripy tail; white lower legs and paws, underbelly and under her neck. she has an upside-down V-shaped white streak on her nose - the nose itself is the palest pink. And white whiskers.


Eyes: golden - hence her name.


Shifter: like all felidae, Goldy can take on any shape she chooses, she's a natural shifter. When not in her native cat-form, she favours the following shapes ...


ST tigerSabre-toothed tiger - this shift begins as a shadow, huge and rearing up some way behind Goldy. The tiger's claws, when extended, are some 6-8" long; the sabre-teeth are 9"; to the shoulder, the tiger is about 7' tall; when he rears he is some 15' to the top of his head and if he extends his front paws that goes to 20'. In tiger-form Goldy shifts her gender too, becoming male. she uses this form to defend and attack; also to cover ground swiftly, especially if the terrain is hard.



owlOwl: Many peoples say that owls are cats with wings, Goldy knows this; she already has the wings and enjoys being in owl-form. She usually chooses a from like an eagle owl, but sometimes takes on a Tawny or a Barn Owl shape.


avatarHer avatar shows her floating in space, playing with a star ... says it all really *g*



Abilities: as a non-mortal creature Goldy can make links between things that mortals may not be able to do. For instance, she can translate languages from the thoughts of the person speaking into Grym’s mind. And into other minds too if she chooses to link with them; e.g. Fionn and Magpie.


She can send herself anywhere in the universe that she can imagine, and take others with her. Weight is not an object here but Goldy’s own inclination may be.


Sometimes her manifestations have had hilarious results; she once (by accident because she wasn’t concentrating) thought herself into the middle of a cream puff that Fionn was about to eat. The sight of cream-covered whiskers emerging from the side of a delicate pastry was, unfortunately, not captured on any media. Goldy is extremely glad of this.


She can manipulate threads, the web of wyrd that connects all life, with ultimate ease, it’s natural to her. However, she often chooses not to do this but lets events happen. She’s also wise enough to know she doesn’t know everything even if her vision is a lot larger than Grym’s. and she knows things have to happen for everyone, including herself, to grow.


Familiar:  Unlike her brother, Morningstar, Goldy chose the job of Familiar Spirit rather than teacher, and she chose Grymalkyn as her mortal. They’ve worked together before in other of Grym’s incarnations. Goldy has a good recollection of these, better than Grym’s.


The job of Familiar includes teaching, Goldy needs to keep Grym on her toes and up to speed, has taught her much so far.


Familiar’s see much more of the Big Picture than mortals usually do – however long their lifetimes and Whèr are long-lived. Goldy doesn’t always tell Grym all she sees as this could upset the balance. Balance is a fundamental to all felidae. They have a close and permanent link to the genius loci of places, planets, star systems, everything, as they are permanently aware of the threads that connect all life, including stone, rock, microbes, atoms, as well as soft furry things and plants *g*.  This comes through their permanent link into the wyrd of Yardoz which, although it manifests as a planet is one of the Old Ones of the universe, a gateway/window between worlds that watches the games mortals play and helps the evolution of all beings.


Character: Goldy has a wicked sense of humour and no tact whatsoever … except when she decides to. She will deliberately turn things upside-down and inside-out to provoke people. She knows provoking out of the comfort zone is excellent for evolution.


She has a short temper and doesn’t suffer fools at all – this includes Grym when she’s being obtuse.


One of Goldy’s relations is the Cath Palug out of Celtic story. She doesn’t, usually, go to these extremes herself.


She’s willing to take risks and has manifested herself into dangerous situations to help Grym in her work. She got stuck inside a mountain once, doing this, fortunately Grym was able to get her out. She will go to any lengths to protect/save Grym; and she has a bad conscience about this as she once failed to do so … on Cymbeline. Thus Grym’s son was born, taken from her and reared to hate her. And Grym lost part of her soul. It’s taken a long while to get to a place where something can be done about both these things.


Friends: Goldy loves her brother although she teases him madly sometimes. They enjoy a rough-and-tumble when they meet up.


She adores Fionn – as does Grym – and is always willing to curl up with him, talks to him for hours when they’ve not met up for a while.


She’s very fond of Magpie too.


Not long ago, Goldy met Aimee and her owl-friend. Goldy and the owl got along well and she’d like to have more time with this bird. She liked Aimee too.


She’s been adventuring with Seth and Seabhag, both of whom she likes and has a lot of respect for.


Goldy knows and likes Gwydion; and she knows of his passion for Grym, something Grym is less aware of than she could be. Goldy also knows Elen and Macsen very well as they are Grym’s foster-parents.


She’s just met Aquitain – although he wasn’t perhaps aware of her *g*. She’s also seen Lilith, Salome and now Wee, as well as the felinumeara and Vu’K’Tor.


Weapons & Fighting: Goldy prefers teeth and claws (or beaks, if in owl-form). She has no use for anything that’s not a part of her body. She does know quite a bit about plants though and how to use poisons and potions. She learned this in the forests of Loegr from an entwife.


Goldy is very hard to wound or kill. Having spirit-sight, she can see attacks coming and just shifts out of the way. You could get to her if you can catch her off-guard. And, as said before, she will go to any lengths to save/protect Grym so putting Grym in danger might be a way to get to her.



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