Character Details - Princess Giovanni

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Princess Giovanni

Hybrid of human and golden demon-dragon

Young Wyrmling(fledged)

Physical Description:

Golden demon-dragon form - 2 headed, European-style dragon, golden skin and scales, long gold and black streaked mane; 12' long

Hybrid form - 2 headed, reptilian humanoid female, golden skin and scales, winged, tail & talons, long gold and black mane; 6' tall

Human form - golden skin, green eyes, gold and black streaked long hair, clear complexion, standing 5'3" tall

All forms, green eyes, glowing.

Her mother is human; Welsh. Her father is golden multi-headed demon-dragon.

Each head developing a different personality.

Princess is a pre-teen child, born on Terra, in ancient Egypt. She has been raised both there and on ArenaWorld, where her father keeps many equine-type creatures. Is used to ArenaWorld gravity variations; can fly without gravsuit.

Princess loves hippopotamus meat! She will eat hippos until she bursts! Likes honey-cakes, too. Does not drink alcohol - prefers fruit juices, lemonade. Likes music. Loves basking in sunlight. Likes swimming. Likes shiny jewels. Scrubs her scales with cut lemons dipped in salt.

Princess speaks Welsh, Egyptian(ancient), Common, Demonic, Draconic, and ArenaWorld Argot.

Bright and curious, Princess enjoys exploring and playing, though her sharp claws sometimes slip and end the game too soon. She does not think as a human does; her minds are working differently.

Princess keeps a mouse - or something that looks like a mouse - as a friend/pet. She says it talks, and calls it a "Squeak". The mouse can be seen wearing tiny clothing, and sometimes using tiny tools. If someone were to listen - and the "Squeak" felt inclined - one might hear it speak. She calls it "Tut-tut".

Princess uses magic - draconic and demonic - as well as her breath weapons, claws, talons, and teeth. She has draconic telepathy, so if she’s in danger, she will call for help. She has her mother’s fiery temper, and her father’s reflexes and attitudes.

Uses the following people's images for their avatars:

Charlez Theron