Character Details - Jonsson Giovanni

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Jonsson Giovanni

ArenaWorld-use Bio

Jonsson has two main physical forms, and the between-form.

He is half human, and half 3-headed golden demon-dragon. His two main forms are his human form, and a three headed golden dragon. The between form is humanoid, with three draconic heads - and necks - tail, talons, and wings, covered in golden scaled hide. His hair is a mixture of glossy black and metallic gold. When all three heads are visible, each head has a different hair style - a reflection of the three differing personalities.

In human form, Jonsson has golden tan skin, almost a coppery cast, a heavily muscular build, ruggedly handsome features, and an aura of super-natural power. His hair is mixed, glossy black and metallic gold, and may be worn short, long, or mohawked - depending on the personality/head that’s dominant right then. A fine tracery of scars covers his form, some may display colorful, decorative-looking stitching reminiscent of fine needlework. He stands 6'9" tall.

In his dragon form, Jonsson is a golden, three-headed dragon, "western world" type, heavily muscled, covered in a fine tracery of scars. One head will have a long mane, another will have a short mane, and the third head will have a bushy mohawked mane. He has wings and talons, claws and a singular tail. His scales shimmer even in darkness, and are strong enough to act as natural armor. He is almost 25' long, snout to tail-tip.

In his between-form, Jonsson looks like a hybrid - a humanoid triple-headed golden dragon. In this form, he is about 12'7" tall, with a serpentine reptilian tail, wings, talons, et al.

No matter his form, Jonsson retains the ability to breathe fire, teleport, telekinesis, and a form of draconic telepathy.

Jonsson is, for all purposes, an anti-paladin. He was born to a transplanted Welsh woman (Lady Dark of ArenaWorld) in ancient Egypt near the source of the Nile river. His father is the golden demon-dragon Jon-Jon Giovanni. Jonsson grew up fighting to defend their valley from European Crusaders who were seeking the Ark of the Covenant. He is seen as a demigod by the Egyptian people he rules over, where his scaled appearance and reptilian features mark him as being related to the crocodile god Sobek, while his wings hint at possible ties to the god Horus.

He knows the truth of his actual nature. He doesn’t care what the people believe.

He has two wives, both Nubian, and their sons, as well as a daughter from a previous dalliance. His daughter is a hybrid gold-black dragon who rarely looks him up. This, despite his being barely into his teens as far as dragons go.

Jonsson also has a younger sister, named Princess.

He has spent almost as much time living on ArenaWorld as in ancient Egypt on Terra. This means he is able to adapt to the changing gravitational forces of ArenaWorld so he can fight - and survive - without a gravsuit on. It also means he prefers his environment a bit hotter.

Jonsson prefers blade weapons, and wearing armor - it’s the time-frame he was born in. He can ride - and often does, when in human form - and has a Nightmare mount. However, he has trained on ArenaWorld, and is accustomed to weapons from several worlds and times - from stone-tipped spears to beam-weapons. He also knows how to drive a chariot, as well as various other transport devices. He is extremely athletic.

His preferred form is the between form; somewhat human, but still mostly draconic.

Each head has its own personality and identity; one is more war-like and aggressive, another is more playful and relaxed, while the third is more contemplative and observant. They do talk to each other, and interact, which sometimes leads to disagreements. Any one head can control the entirety of the body. Rarely do all three heads sleep at once - it is normal for one to remain awake while the other two sleep, giving the impression that Jonsson never rests. In combat, all three heads work in conjunction, watching out for attacks, blocking, launching attacks of their own. They are adept at appraising the fighting capabilities of those they come into contact with.

Jonsson follows the mind-set of his draconic father: he won’t die until he realizes he should be dead. This has actually saved him on several occasions, allowing him to make it to aid and recover when he otherwise should have been dead. He has very nearly lost two of his heads - on separate occasions - in combat, due to massive injuries; but because the neighboring head(s) were too preoccupied to notice the extent of injury, all three survived.

Jonsson like honey; but hates bees. He adores melons, and prefers wild game or fish over farm-raised meat. Because of his birthplace, hippopotamus meat is a delicacy. Jonsson also likes basking in the sun on a packed earthen floor or baked terra cotta tiled surface, and having his scales scrubbed clean and oiled by loyal servants. When it comes to alcohol, he prefers barley beer or honey meade over wine.

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